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Game shows have been a staple of television for as long as the medium has been around. Like many TV series, some video game shows have only aired briefly, while others have remained alive for decades, with many pillars still airing today. While there are new game shows that make their TV debuts every now and then, the vast majority of them are reboots or covers of classics.

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It’s no wonder that TV channels return to the best game shows again and again to breathe new life into them. With an endless supply of new participants and even new hosts, a proven game show format can remain relevant indefinitely. When it comes to IMDb user opinions, game show fans have made it clear which titles in the genre stand out above the rest.

ten Family dispute – 7.1

Family quarrel is one of the best-known game shows of all time and beats many other popular, long-standing and still-active game shows similar to this when it comes to IMDb ratings. The game, which pits families (and sometimes even celebrities) against each other, is very engaging and easy to play at home, so it’s no surprise that audiences have been enjoying it consistently for years.

Beginning in 1976, Family quarrel has gone through a variety of hosts in his 45 years on the air. The show started off with the ever-memorable Richard Dawson who has been the face of the show for a while, but now sees comedian Steve Harvey in the role.

9 Understand – 7.2

Nickelodeon Celebs Get Slim On Figure It Out

During the heyday of the ’90s, Nickelodeon was a popular game show hub in addition to its children’s cartoons and sitcoms. While classic Nickelodeon game shows were clearly aimed at children, the majority of them were still entertaining for all audiences, and Understand it is clearly no exception due to its high IMDb score.

Understand it was a game show involving a nominee who was interviewed by panelists using yes or no questions to determine the candidate’s secret competence. First released in 1997, Understand it recalls even older game shows like What is my line? and I have a secret but aimed at a younger audience. One of the most memorable aspects of Understand it was Nickelodeon’s signature slime that panelists were always likely to endure throughout the show.

8 Double challenge – 7.4

Yet another Nickelodeon game show, Double dare is among the highest rated game shows of all time on IMDb. The show was both a cerebral and a muscular challenge in which two teams of child contestants faced off in trivia and stunt battles.

Double dare was Nickelodeon’s very first game show, premiered in 1986. It was relaunched shortly in 2000, but the most recent Double dare The reboot of the Nickelodeon series arrived in 2018 with Liza Koshy as the host. Even if Double dare It’s no longer on the air, it remains the foundation for all other great Nickelodeon game shows to come.

7 Supermarket scan – 7.5

The epitome of ’90s game shows can be found in Supermarket sweep, a competition that tests participants’ knowledge as well as their shopping skills. The show is energetic, engaging, and a lot of fun to watch, which perhaps makes it so popular among IMDb audiences.

Supermarket sweep Originally aired very shortly in the 1960s before a 1990 revival had a bigger impact on audiences. The series was relaunched in 2020, this time with iconic comedian Leslie Jones as the host. This version is still currently airing on ABC. In addition, many episodes from the 90s Supermarket sweep are available to stream on Netflix.

6 Tap Your Luck – 7.5

The eccentric Tap your luck is one of the most energetic game shows of all time. Like many other game shows, Tap your luck was part of a trivia game, but the main event was the light board filled with various prizes that participants could win with the push of a button. Notably, the board also featured “whammies”, little red animated creatures that would redact players’ winning winnings.

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“No hard knocks, no hard knocks!” is the signature phrase associated with Tap your luck, chanted by the contestants as they ascended for a chance to win big during the show. Its main airing ran from 1983 to 1986, but more recently it saw an ABC revival in 2019 hosted by famous actress Elizabeth Banks which is still on the air today.

5 The price is right – 7.5

The longest-running game show in television history, The price is right, is also unsurprisingly one of the highest rated of all time. The price is right started with a short stint in the mid-1950s and then again in the mid-1960s, but it really took off when he premiered again with beloved host Bob Barker in 1972. He’s on the air since then, along with Drew Carey currently hosts the show.

The premise of the show is simple: attendees guess prices for everyday items, play mini-games, and compete for value prizes ranging from cash and cars to all-expense-paid vacations. One of the best parts of the show is the quirky and enthusiastic contestants and their hilarious win or lose reactions.

4 Tell the truth – 7.6

A panel of contestants play To Tell the Truth in the 1950s

Celebrity panel must guess which of the three contestants are lying about their identities in the classic game show Tell the truth. Celebrities are instructed to ask a series of questions to determine which candidate is the real person described to them. A lot of Tell the truthThe success of is due to the fun of guessing at home.

Tell the truth is one of many classic game shows that has received numerous installments since its inception. The original show that aired from 1956 to 1968 is a favorite with IMDb users, but the concept itself is clearly loved by audiences as it continues to be successful in its remakes. The most recent revival debuted in 2016 with actor Anthony Anderson as the host.

3 Legends of the hidden temple – 8.1

Olmec in Legends of the Hidden Temple

By far the best Nickelodeon game show of all time, according to IMDb Legends of the hidden temple. This children’s game show is very memorable for its incredible decor, including the talking stone head named Olmec. Competitors had to negotiate a variety of challenges, most of which involved physical obstacles and puzzles, in order to find treasure in the temple.

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The original Legends of the Hidden Temple was on the air from 1993 to 1995. It is appreciated for its commitment and complexity, while remaining accessible to audiences of all ages. The show he’s prepared for a much-anticipated reboot in October 2021 on The CW.

2 Danger! – 8.2

Alex Trebek presents Jeopardy!

The long-standing game show Danger! is so popular that it can be enjoyed even by the most laid back viewers. Almost anyone who owns a television is probably familiar with the Danger! format in which participants receive answers to trivial facts and must answer in the form of a question.

Famous host Alex Trebek had been a staple of the show since its revival in 1984, but Danger! has gone through a plethora of guest hosts recently after Trebek’s death in November 2020. There is a lot of controversy over the permanent replacement of the beloved host, but it doesn’t matter who is picking up the show, Danger! is still likely to be forever considered one of the best game shows ever made, at least according to IMDb.

1 Match Game – 8.3

Thanks to its panel of hilarious celebrities and wacky candidate questions, IMDb users rank the original Matching game as the best game show in television history. Matching game candidates are given prompts for which they must fill in the blank and hope to have the same response as famous panelists, who often included names like Richard Dawson and Betty White.

Although a game show, Matching game was best known for being so comedic. The hilarious combination of celebs almost always resulted in witty banter and funny responses that kept the show engaged. The actual game was almost irrelevant. The original The match game went from 1962 to 1969, but the revival from 1973 was what caught the public the most. It has also received numerous remakes over the years, the most recent hosted by Alec Baldwin.

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