10 popular phrases people don’t know are movie quotes

It goes without saying that there are thousands of iconic lines of dialogue, be it “I’ll be back” in The Terminator or “he sleeps with the fish” in The Godfather. However, there are also some movie dialogue that people quote every day, only most people have no idea that they are doing it.

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There are so many popular phrases and expressions that are used in everyday life that most people have forgotten where they came from. However, when it comes to the movies, they will still exist in physical format and on streaming services so the evidence is still there.


“Be afraid, be very afraid.”

Seth demonstrates his teleportation technology to Victoria in The Fly

Fly maybe a Shakespearean-type tragedy that’s emotionally draining, but it was originally a cheesy 50s movie, and there are still a few cheesy lines that are delivered in a very cheesy way. In the middle of the film, after finding out what the teleportation machine is capable of, Victoria says, “Be afraid. Be very afraid.”

What’s interesting about the quote is that while it is said in the movie, it is best known for actually being the slogan for the poster leading up to its release. With Aliens slogan: “In space, no one can hear you scream” Fly The slogan is one of the most iconic phrases associated with a horror movie poster. Nonetheless, it’s often said aloud, whether sarcastic or meaningful, and not many people would know it’s from the ’80s movie.

“It goes to 11.”

This is the spinal cock is such a neglected satire, because it’s a mock documentary that follows the titular group, and most of the humor lies in the stupidity of these rockstars. In one scene, talking about an amp, one of the band members says it’s so loud it “goes up to 11”.

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The idea that there is an 11th option instead of 10 is so ridiculous, and it’s part of what makes the movie a classic. But a lot of people will know this phrase and even jokingly say that something goes to 11, not really knowing where it came from.

“I’m going to get medieval on your ass.”

Pulp Fiction Marsellus Wallace

The above quote is from the famous 1994 movie, but it has managed to find its way into almost everyone’s consciousness as an occasional threat, but it’s also often used as a joke. However, few people know or remember where the phrase came from, despite its origin being one of the most popular movies ever to be made.

Marsellus Wallace says “I’m about to get medieval on the ass” to Butch in pulp Fiction, referring to how he’s basically going to torture Zed. While it comes from a movie that pushes the boundaries of an R-rating, it wouldn’t be surprising if the quote even reached schoolyards. Children often get colorful with their language and slurs on the playground, and when they hear an adult say something once, they run with it.

“I’m walking here! “

Midnight Cowboy

The popular expression was first used in Midnight Cowboy, when Joe and Ratso (Dustin Hoffman) cross the street and a taxi blocks their way. What is amazing is that the quote was completely improvised. The scene was shot on a busy street in New York City that was not closed during filming, so people brushed shoulders and cars were stuck in traffic.

While crossing the road, a taxi turned on a red light, nearly knocking over Hoffman, to whom he then shouted, “I’m walking here!” And from an improvised ad-lib, the quote has become one of the phrases most used by people when someone gets in their way, although it may not be as theatrical as Hoffman. .

“One of us. One of us. Gooble Gobble.”

“One of us, one of us” is often chanted by a group of people when a new person is in their group. People have probably heard it most often in college or at parties, but it first appeared when it was chanted by the main characters in the 1930s film. Monsters, as they inducted a new member of their crew.

Interestingly enough, the quote is referenced in so many iconic movies and TV shows that anyone familiar with the quote is likely to think it originated elsewhere. It is used in the wolf of Wall Street, as Jordan Belfort and Donnie Azoff sing it at one of their reunions, and it is used in one of the most popular scenes of South Park too much.

“You cannot handle the truth.”

Like A few good men Following the legal proceedings of two US Marines accused of murder, the film has become one of the most beloved legal dramas. But due to the heavy subject matter and the war context, some Redditors think the film is so serious it borders on parody.

However, if famous screenwriter Aaron Sorkin hadn’t taken the topic so seriously, the world wouldn’t have heard the classic line that Colonel Jessup (Jack Nicholson) shouts in the courtroom. And the seriousness that Nicholson brings to the line is why it has become such a repeated phrase in people’s daily lives.

“I love the smell of napalm in the morning.”

Apocalypse now is one of the most revealing films about the horrors of the Vietnam War. The film tells an anti-war story in such a unique and exemplary way, which is why Apocalypse now still stands today. One of these means is in its subtle dialogue. When Bill Kilgore yells “I love the smell of napalm in the morning” on helicopters and bombs, it’s rhetorical and almost says with a sigh.

But the funny thing about this serious yet humorous phrase is that “napalm” has been replaced by thousands of different words over the years. The phrase took on a life of its own and now has so many different meanings. Apocalypse now started it all “I like the smell of ‘white’ in the morning” even though people don’t know it.

“Game Over, Man. Game Over.”

Aliens is one of the few movies that took a huge risk by changing the genre from the original Extraterrestrial. Or Extraterrestrial is a calm and intense horror film in space, Aliens is a sci-fi action epic. Because of this, it set the stage for some huge action plays, like when Hudson’s (Bill Paxton) delivery ship is destroyed.

When that happens, Hudson yells out the line above. Before Aliens, the term “game over” has never been commonly used outside of video games. And while it would probably have become a popular phrase if Aliens never existed, it was the action-horror movie that started it. He’s also a great acting set by Paxton, as his voice literally breaks when he says it, showing how terrified he is and should be of xenomorphs.

“The stuff that dreams are made of.”

People say “the stuff that dreams are made of” when they talk about anything, whether it’s coffee or a new TV show. It probably never even entered most people’s minds that it could in fact be a quote of some kind.

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The popular phrase comes from the 1941 film noir, The Maltese falcon, who follows a private detective trying to find a statuette of a falcon. The quote above is in response to someone asking what the Maltese Falcon is, and it’s the very last line of dialogue in the film before the credits roll.


Jim Carrey in Bruce Almighty

There’s something about Jim Carrey and wanting his characters to have a catchy morning wake-up call. The Truman Show had “Hello, and in case I don’t see you, good afternoon, good evening and good night”, and Almighty bruce a “BEA-Useful.” Teachers spend years teaching kids to spell “beautiful,” and it only took Jim Carrey seconds.

The main character could literally do the lord’s job in Almighty bruce, but it also saves parents work. There is no doubt the quote will ripple through the generations for decades to come, and it will be said years from now by people who haven’t even seen the movie.

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