2021 Frenzy Short Film Festival will take place online


Barrio Independent Productions (BIP) is set to announce the official selection for the Frenzy Short-Film Festival 2021, the third year of this psychological short film festival that focuses on the social and psychological vulnerabilities of individuals and communities in general.

The festival will be free online and will also take place with a live audience. From 12 to 14 November the live presentations with the public will take place at the Artspace PS109 in El Barrio, and the virtual presentations will take place from 12 to 22 November, via the BIP Facebook page and via the website www.bip -nyc.com.

The public will be allowed to watch the films during these (10) days, (24) twenty-four hours a day. You can log in anytime during the ten days to watch all the shorts. For more information visit www.bip-nyc.com

On the importance of cinema and mental health, actress and co-founder of BIP Amneris Morales comments that “Cinema is a multidimensional art capable of affecting our neurophysiological structure in different ways. Studies show that different parts of the brain are activated while watching a structured movie. film and therefore the film mimics the structure of consciousness. This imitation of the structure of consciousness allows cinema to deeply influence the brain. The effect and its manner are the main themes of the newly emerging science of neurocinema.

This year, the festival has two categories: filmmaker and screenwriter. All shorts must feature a “Frenzy” episode (a phase in which arousal seems to lead us to unconsciousness, and which can turn negative when control is lost or behavior violates what society considers “normal”. “). – films to participate as category filmmaker and 3 scripts as screenwriters. The three selected scenarios were produced by BIP as the first prize.

At the end of the festival, the judges and the audience will vote for the best film (filmmakers) and best screenplay (screenwriters). We invite as many people as possible to participate in the vote. I also want to poll our friends to find out a little more about the most impactful issues and mental health issues that plague our society the most and that are of most interest to our filmmakers.


1st place for best short film will receive the Frenzy Short Film Festival statuette, sculpted by Olivia Beens in addition to a compensation of $ 500.

1st place for best screenwriter will receive a sponsored production and the Frenzy Short Film Festival statuette, sculpted by Olivia Beens.

Official selection for best film (Filmmakers)

1-Call me (Iran)

Written by Shahram Saeedi

Directed by Javad Safavi

“A theater company worries about the absence of a member during their acting practice and tries to contact them, but something else is happening.”

2- Interview with Marilyn (Florida / Venezuela)

A film by AZCA Film

Written and directed by Agatino Zurría

“Marilyn Moreno is the guest of a talk show about her career, but a question never ceases to haunt her: what happened to her last director, who mysteriously disappeared, grabbing Marilyn to reveal the truth”.

3- I would like to be able to disconnect (India)

Written and directed by: Harshal Vyas

“A dance film about the Internet’s grip on human life”.

4- Quédate (NY / Republica Dominicana)

Written and directed by: Wilton Reynoso

“The story of a single mother whose past of emotional, psychological and physical abuse since childhood continually torments her, causing her severe depression and a lack of interest in life.”

5- The Roommate (USA)

Written by: Matthieu Sorvillo

Directed by: Torin Scott

“Aspiring actor struggling with confidence and emotionally abusive roommate tries to land a role.”

6- Without label (NY / USA)

Written and directed by Fenando Vieira

“Unlabeled” is a reflective documentary that explores the boundaries of masculinity and femininity within one person, challenging the established relationship between sex and gender. “

7- Warren? (Chicago / RP)

Written and directed by: Juan C Linares

“Annoyed by people who constantly mispronounce his name, a passing white Latino must assert his identity.”

Official selection of the best screenplay (screenwriters)

1-Keep safe “(Theran)

Written by Seyedamir Mirazimi

“A young man struggles to overcome the torments of a past event by starting to work in a health center, where he develops a unique friendship with a patient.”

2-No one lives upstairs (NY / PR)

Written by Alejandro Amorós

“A combat veteran struggles to find his place in the world. His PTSD is further exacerbated when he becomes convinced that he is not living alone in his two-unit apartment ”.

3-Caterpillar power “

Written by: Michael Narvaez (NY / PR)

“Human beings yearn for the power to change … to make the transition.”

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