3 Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gifts for the Chicago Bear Mom in Your Life

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and of course you’ve been waiting until the last minute. Like so many others, it happens often but never fear, here are some gift ideas for your Chicago Bears fan mom.

Chicago Bears porcelain figurine

We all know someone who has been collecting action figures from the Hamilton collection for years. What better gift for a lover of both porcelain and pigskin?

You can find this Chicago Bears-themed figurine on The Hamilton Collection website for just over $100. If we’re being honest, you know you’d like that too. Who wouldn’t want to watch happy Bears fans? We don’t usually see him in the mirror on game day.

AirPods Bear Case Cover

How many times have you heard “Have you seen my AirPods case” or “Is this your case or mine”? Here is the solution:

Any mom who chooses multiple AirPods cases off the couch after the toddler steals them can totally benefit from this Chicago Bears-themed one. It’s simple, with the best logo in the sport on the front.

The design won’t stop kids from stealing it, but at least you’ll know which one is his when you save the day by finding it in the trash can next to Bluey. For $25 from the Fanatics website, you can’t go wrong with a great deal and peace of mind.

A wine goblet can be the best gift

When the Chicago Bears let us down, what do we do? We break a beer or a bottle of wine, sing Bear Down and pray that Green Bay loses too. It may not always be the case, but at least you can offer the mother in your life the right vessel for therapeutic consumption.

There are several different cups in the Chicago Bears store. The Draft Tumblers pictured above would be perfect for the mid-November tailgating at Soldier Field with hot chocolate and schnapps.

Finding them for under $40 is pretty cool too. Bears general manager Ryan Poles giving those moms something to cheer for in September is even cooler.

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

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