7 Best Books to Organize Your Home and Life in 2022

Do you ever ask someone who listens to you – your partner, the dog, the dust bunnies in the corner – where the hell did I put my keys/phone/wallet/AirPods/shoes/fill-in-the-blank? Most of us have been there – and some of us have been there more often than we would like. The good news is that a little organization can go a long way.

Organizing your home can help streamline your affairs and balance your mental state — and no, you’re not too late if you’re reading this after people have stopped saying “Happy New Year.” It’s always a good time to start. From sorting out how you spend your time and focus, to cleaning and customizing your physical space, to planning your meals and shopping lists, these books and journals have you covered.

This book is so much more than a guide to how to keep your kitchen cupboard and drawers organized (although there are those too). It is loaded with philosophy that can be applied to your whole life. Gill teaches how to set up your home to support the life you want, but first you need to clarify “life values, priorities, and purposes.” Yes, prepare to dive deep. The author defines minimalism not as a lack of something, but as having the perfect amount of something for you. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that this one has a coffee table-worthy cover.

It’s no secret that we all live in a multitasking vortex that increasingly leads to burnout, distraction, and goals that crumble soon after they start. In this book, Thatcher Wine explains how to regain control of your attention. Welcome to your life, take a deep breath: you’re about to learn the life-changing magic of single-tasking.

A whole stack of sticky notes now marks our copy. This is one of those books that you’ll want to keep referring to throughout your life because the practical advice, tools, and philosophies it contains are simply excellent. The more we practice doing one thing at a time, the more we really feel that we are doing everything better.

The word “renovation” may be in the title, but this is a book for anyone designing or building a home from scratch, redecorating a rental, or anyone in the planning stage. “Reflecting on Houses”.

HGTV star Jasmine Roth takes readers on a journey to find their personal style and clearly outlines the pros and cons of flooring types, sink and door styles, and more. There are also checklists, how-to’s (you want to learn how to knock down walls, right?) and style “menu” ideas for different parts of a home – so if, for example, you want to see ideas for a “vintage craftsman cottage bathroom”, you’re covered.

We’re big fans of guided journaling, and when you’re looking to get organized in life, sometimes it’s not just cleaning out the kitchen cupboards that you need. If you don’t know what you’re working towards, what you want to manifest in life, or if you easily stray from your goals, then this journal is a great way to reset your intentions daily (or weekly, it’s undated ) so that you may brighten up your inner landscape. (PS Cleaning the kitchen cupboards is a great time to recite your overt mantras). They also have many other themed guided diaries in their collection.

Burnout is real – raise your hand if you’ve been feeling physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual burnout lately (and you’re not alone if you’ve said yes to any of the above). This book posits that the unicorn space – “the active and open pursuit of creative self-expression in any form that makes you unique you” — is an antidote to burnout. In other words, creativity is essential to well-being, especially in difficult times. But how to find this unicorn space? Eve Rodsky helps readers reset their mindset and create a free space to do so. We especially liked the chapter about allowing yourself to be unavailable, burning your guilt and shame, and using your voice.

Organizing is one thing, but cleaning up is a whole other game. Our theory? If it’s easier, it’s more likely to be done. This book shows you simple (and natural!) ways to clean everything in your home, from doorknobs and furniture to walls, plants and artwork. Be honest: when was the last time you washed the inside of your trash can? …Ughm, yeah *raises his hand. * You will find lists of things to clean and when, whether daily, weekly, monthly or seasonally. It contains recipes for making natural DIY cleaners without the toxic chemicals with which to wipe, scrub and polish your home into a peaceful retreat.

Meal planning for victory! Planning meals and what you need to buy in advance will not only save you money, but also take the stress out of “what am I going to make for dinner tonight.” Enter Ruff House: a letterpress stationery printing company located in Lawrence, Kansas, beloved for its bold designs and high-quality products. Their meal planning notebooks are super sturdy, spiral bound, and contain 54 undated weekly meal planning pages with adjacent shopping lists (which are perforated so you can tear them out and shop!). We can also look at their cookbooks.

You may have a calendar on your wall, but do you have a lunar calendar? Step into this beautiful, poster-style one-page calendar that shows the phases of the moon for the entire year, plus events like eclipses, retrogrades (we see you, Mercury!) and the start of the seasons astrological. And if you’re still in need of a desk calendar, we highly recommend their Lunar Desk Calendar, featuring super-luxe paper and foil details. It comes with a Moon card holder, which can be used to hold all kinds of cards once you’re done with your calendar.

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