750 archaeological pieces will be repatriated to Mexico


Resulting from seizures and voluntary returns carried out in Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Denmark, Australia, France and the United States, approximately 750 archaeological pieces will be repatriated to Mexico, coming from the Olmec culture, the central Mesoamerican highlands, and New -Spain.

Among the objects that will arrive in Mexico in the coming months are a baptismal font and a holy water sprinkler – both from the 18th century – a Mayan urn made between the years 900 and 1600, as well as a clay pipe with the zoomorphic figure of a seated monkey.

The announcement of the repatriation of these 750 assets was made by Diego Prieto, director of INAH, during the presentation of the television series “Grandeza de México”.

Now, in a statement, the Ministry of Culture explained that some of the repatriated pieces could be included in Mexico’s diverse exhibition, “Territories, Cultures and Civilizations”, which will be inaugurated in September at the National Museum of Anthropology, in the occasion of the 500 years of the fall of Tenochtitlan and 200 years of the bicentenary of the consumption of Independence.

In its press release, the Secretariat indicated that the group of parts that will be repatriated “has already been verified by INAH experts, and includes elements from the Olmec and central Mesoamerican highlands, which date back to the pre-Classic period (2500 BC), until the Postclassic (900-1521 AD) and even in New Spain ”.

From the New Spanish Era, we find baptismal font and a holy water sprinkler, objects from the 18th century, “the reimbursement of which in Mexico was agreed through a collaboration between the INAH and the Historical Society of Arizona, United States. United “.

Among the pre-Hispanic artefacts is a Mayan urn that was made “between the years 900 and 1600, which, as was recently announced, comes from the Laguna Pethá archaeological site in Chiapas. The return was arranged in dialogue with Albion College, Michigan ”.

Stela 3 from the Mayan site of La Mar will also arrive from the United States, which was “associated with the state of Chiapas and was made in rock and dates from the Late Classical Maya period (AD 800-900). ; it contains the representation of a warrior with clothes of high status who wears a headdress and holds in his right hand a captive noble, who has been stripped of his clothes and badges ”.

From France, “a clay pipe with the zoomorphic figure of a seated monkey, painted black. It is an object of Totonac affiliation, produced on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico in the postclassic period (900-1521 AD) ”.

The agency added that the repatriation of assets is the result of a joint effort between INAH and the Ministry of External Relations. In addition to the fact that so far this administration, 5,509 pieces of heritage have been repatriated, “including 4,915 archaeological and 594 historical”.

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