A Promising Young Woman: Blu-Ray Review


We analyze in Cinemascomics the Blu-Ray of A promising young woman, winner of the Oscar for best original screenplay.

In Cinemascomics, we analyzed the national Blu-Ray edition of A promising young woman, the brand new Oscar winner for best original screenplay and nominated in three other categories, already on sale in stores on DVD and Blu-ray; in addition to being available for rental and digital sale. The film Universal Pictures (2020) is distributed in physical format by Arvi Licensing in our country.

Director Emerald Fennell’s Debut Feature Wins Four Latest Hollywood Academy Awards Nominations, winning the statuette for Best Original Screenplay. But even though this is her directorial debut, Emeral Fennell has a lot of experience in the world, since many Killing Eve scripts are signed by her, where she also worked as an actress, being the one chosen to play Camilla Parker Bowles in The Crown series. In this way, his debut in directing is always surprising and stimulating, conquering both audiences and critics, also having a presence in various competitions; due in large part to the powerful and magnetic performances of Carey Mulligan (Suffragettes).

Performer Carey Mulligan was nominated for Best Actress at the Oscars and Golden Globes, and won the statuette for Best Female Role at the Gala of the Independent Spirit Award. Thanks to immense talent in front of and behind the cameras, the film swept through awards season, garnering over a hundred accolades and nominations, including the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay.

Moving this thorny issue forward has been in part thanks to the support of big Hollywood figures like Margot Robbie (‘The Suicide Squad’), who serves as a producer, but didn’t reserve any roles or cameos in the film. The film knows how to mix thriller with black comedy, to offer us a new perspective and a provocative look at the emancipation of women, social justice and the most archaic and outdated customs that need to be modernized in our society.

Synopsis: We learn the story of Cassie (Mulligan), a young woman everyone said had a bright future in medicine, until something abruptly derailed her future. Years after leaving the race, nothing in his day to day is what it seems, where he hides a monotonous life behind his devilish and cunning revenge plan, with a double life in which he is completely transformed at night. In this way, a chance encounter will allow Cassie to get revenge and right the mistakes of the past.

Carey Mulligan is the undisputed star of a feature film which also includes excellent performances from Bo Burnham (‘Eight Grade’), Alison Brie (‘GLOW’), Clancy Brown (‘Thor:
Ragnarok ‘), Jennifer Coolidge (‘ American Pie ‘), Laverne Cox (‘ Orange Is the New Black ‘), Connie Britton (‘ Dirty John ‘), Alfred Molina (‘ Spider-Man: No Way Home ‘), Molly Shannon (‘Scary Movie 5’), Adam Brody (‘Shazam! Fury of the Gods’), Angela Zhou (‘Infierno Sobre Ruedas’) y Christopher Mintz-Plasse (‘The Disaster Artist’), between otros.

A Promising Young Woman is written and directed by Emerald Fennell, starring Margot Robbie, Josey McNamara, Tom Ackerley, Ben Browning, Ashley Fox and Emerald Fennell herself in the production section. While executive producers are Carey Mulligan, Glen Basner, Alison Cohen and Milan Popelka.

The film is approximately 114 minutes long and is classified as not recommended for children under the age of 16, presented in its Blu-Ray version with various extras, which we have analyzed for Cinemascomics readers. The Blu-Ray review is completely spoiler-free, in case you haven’t had a chance to see the movie yet and want to know what extras it has.

Technical data:


  • Audio in English, Spanish, German and French Dolby Digital 5.1; audio description service in English.
  • Subtitles in English for the deaf, Spanish, French, Danish, Finnish, German, Norwegian and Swedish.
  • Standard definition movie, anamorphic wide screen (2.39: 1).

Blu Ray:

  • English Audio DTS-HD MA 7.1; Spanish, French, German and Latin American Spanish DTS-HD High Resolution 7.1 Audio; Brazilian Portuguese DTS Digital Surround 5.1; Service
    audio description in English.
  • Subtitles in English for the Deaf, Spanish, French, German, Brazilian Portuguese, Cantonese, Complex Mandarin, Danish, Finnish, Korean, Latin American Spanish, Norwegian, Swedish and Thai.
  • High definition film, large screen (2.39: 1).


A promising vision:

Director, screenwriter and producer Emerald Fennell explains that she wanted to make a movie in which an ordinary woman takes revenge in the real world. And the key was that it wasn’t about shooting a gun, it was about being more devious.

For the filmmaker, the most important thing in this film is that everything he shows is quite ordinary and borders on the illegal. Take turns talking about the director’s vision, how she knows exactly what she’s looking for in each sequence, and how she dominates each situation, despite this being her first film. In view of this, Emerald Fennell herself admits that having experience as an actress has helped her a lot and has learned to identify the most conducive environment in which people feel comfortable to. to play one’s role.

Double transformation:

Actress Carey Mulligan can’t imagine anyone other than her portraying Cassie, because if that had happened, she would have been nervous and furious. Regarding the choice of actress, the director explains that she has a huge talent and that it was always his first choice for the role. In this way, the rest of the cast tells about how cordial, friendly and talented the actress is.

Regarding the construction of the character, the director wanted Cassie to be attractive to others, knowing how to be normal, charming and sensual when necessary. But for this transformation between the wardrobe that the protagonist wears day and night, moving from everyday dresses, in pastel and flowery tones, to changing to more daring ones to attract men, the intervention of wardrobe designer Nancy Steiner.

The balance :

The director comments that the film is a very dark comedy, but also a thriller, finding itself in a limbo between hideous and hilarious. The cast explains that the script was what attracted so many well-known faces and great comedic actors to this indie project. Moreover, they claim that there is no excess of character and that every dialogue helps the plot, with the filmmaker being very surprised that he managed to put together such an incredible cast.

Audio comments:

In-depth commentary while playing the film by writer and director Emerald Fennell.

Finally, we hope you enjoy buying a promising young lady, now available to go on DVD and Blu-ray; as well as in rental and digital sales; and so you can see it as many times as you want.

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