A story of life and sport, where the talent of Will Smith goes perfectly with the story of Venus and Serena Williamsthe two African-American girls from humble origins capable of changing their destiny and becoming international tennis stars (here you can read tennis news and keep up to date with tennis news).

A winning family – King Richard has been in theaters since January 13 and promises to stay there for a long time. Movie Rumored Overseas To Be Among Oscars 2022 Favorites: After Missing Statuettes From Nominations For Ali and mein the pursuit of happinessWill Smith could now get his hands on the coveted distinction.

He is the true, great and absolute protagonist of the film: in the guise of Richard Williams, father and first trainer of the two sisters, the Philadelphia-born actor pulls a breathtaking performance out of his hat. The interpretation is intense and ferocious, each line leaves its imprint to remain etched in the memory.

The plot and values ​​of the film

A Winning Family – King Richard is much more than the celebration of two champions: tells a story that wants to encourage a more inclusive society, highlighting fundamental values ​​such as commitment, perseverance and family power.

The career of Venus and Serena Williams, as seen in the films, starts from the intuition of their father who, driven by a clear vision of their future, turn the impossible into possible. His unconventional methods are the key to success: despite having no knowledge of the sport, the man perseveres in training them, convinced that one day his daughters could become two of the best tennis players in history.

And so it is: from Compton, an infamous Los Angeles neighborhood with a high crime rate, the two sisters, played respectively by Saniyya Sidney and Demi Singleton, arrive on top of the world, stepping into the small group of tennis players who have won more titles than ever.

Authenticity at the heart of everything

The goal was to cinematically tell an incredible story, but it really happened“Said Will Smith, star and producer, explaining how”the whole team, from the producers to the screenwriters, from the director to the actors, has particularly sought-after authenticity“.

In addition to critics and audiences, the film also received compliments from both champions. “Read the script and seeing our story again moved me and moved me to tears. The decor magically recreates the “family” atmosphere that we experienced in reality. I hope this film can teach many young people to believe in themselves even in the most difficult situations.“, were the words of the “Black Venus” of tennis Venus Williams reported by rollingstone.it.

Her sister Serena echoes: “Credeeming yourself makes everything possible. Do not be afraid to have very high goals. The saying “the sky is the limit” holds a lot of truth. The word that best describes the project/film, on the other hand, I think is “surreal”, because it is a work of fiction, yet there is the reality of our history. Recognizing ourselves in such a great work, as well as seeing Will Smith playing our father, made us think: “But so we are and we really did something important! “.

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