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Best Buddha Statues Buying Guide

A modern living room with a Buddha statue set on a side table.
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Why buy a Buddha statue?

If you are exploring Buddhism or are a current practitioner, you may wish to purchase a Buddha statue as a visual reminder of the Buddha’s teachings. Place a stone Buddha statue in the garden and you may find that it creates a sense of peace. They are available in various sizes and designs and can invoke happiness, gratitude, tranquility, fortune and much more.

What to look for in a Buddha statue?

  • Expression: Believe it or not, some depictions of the Buddha display a serene, almost smiling face, while others have a serious tone. The variety can be tied to the Buddhist culture a statue is from, although most are marketed to a secular crowd. Thus, some express stupidity, others peace, while still others have contemplative expressions to set the tone for meditation. Expressions are achieved through closed eyes, round eyebrows, earlobes and the position of the hands.
  • Material: Most of the Buddha statues we review are constructed of polyresin. It is a common material used to sculpt figurines because it is flexible when heated. The polyresin also has a nice sheen and retains the vibrancy of paint colors. Weather tolerant, polyresin Buddha statues perform well outdoors. Porcelain is another often used material because it does not require finishing like ceramic does. If you prefer the look of porcelain, remember that it is more fragile than polyresin.
  • Cut: Like all figurines, Buddha statues vary in size. The tallest product we’re reviewing is 15 inches and the shortest is 2.7 inches. If you are looking for a buddha for your home office, you may want a small to medium sized buddha. Your choice should be based in part on what you like as well as the space you plan to place your Buddha in.

Do you have to be a Buddhist to own a Buddha statue?

You don’t have to convert to Buddhism to enjoy your own Buddha statue, but it is important to respect it. Here are some Buddha etiquette guidelines to follow:

  • Do not place it on the floor or ground.
  • Position it facing east.
  • Keep it in a clear and well-cleaned space.
  • Do not put it in bathrooms or kitchens.

If you want to learn more about Buddhism and the use of Buddha statues in meditation, you might have a stronger connection with the statue you choose, but you may have little knowledge of Buddhism and still enjoy the feeling. that a statue of Buddha evokes in you.

Our picks for the best Buddha statues

Advantages: Bring this Buddha statue into your home or yard and enjoy the sense of peace it brings. A simple addition that positively impacts aesthetics and atmosphere, this meditating Buddha serves as a reminder to relax. Because it is made of polyresin and stone powder, the statue is weather resistant and durable. However, it seems to have been weathered by the antique details. This Buddha statue is the perfect size if you want it to stand out from the background of a room or outdoor space but not overwhelm it.

The inconvenients: It is little.

Conclusion: While the Buddha’s face and posture have a serious tone, the statue offers a gentle, grounded energy.

best happy buddha

Advantages: According to Japanese mythology, Hotei is one of the Shichi-fuku-jin or Seven Lucky Gods. If that makes you smile, it’s done its job. And if there’s one thing we all have in common, it’s that we need more moments of joy in what can be a tiring day or several in a row. This Hotei Buddha statue is hand cast with crushed stone and resin to create a lasting bond. His body is painted stone white, while his clothes and the base he stands on are gray. This happy Buddha will impress wherever you place it.

The inconvenients: Some users were disappointed that the Buddha statue is not a natural stone.

Conclusion: Because it’s built with quality materials to ensure durability, this lucky Buddha statue will put a smile on your face for years to come.

Best colors

Advantages: This Thai Buddha statue impresses with its intricate details. Every inch of this oxidized and speckled resin Buddha displays meaningful images. The half-closed eyes, the hand gesture, the cloud pattern on the back, and the lotus meditation position symbolize different things. It’s relatively small but big enough to make a good impression.

The inconvenients: Some reviewers found it to measure smaller than listed.

Conclusion: This somewhat austere-looking Buddha can remind you to be in the moment, to use gratitude, or to appreciate the beauty in your daily life.

Best Baby Buddha

Advantages: We have the product for you if you like babies, Buddhas and porcelain figurines. This little guy measures just 2.7 by 3.5 inches and is aquarium safe! Porcelain is the material you need if you are looking for a Buddha to refresh your fish. Because these baby Buddha statues are handcrafted, they are all unique. Kingzhou makes several baby Buddha statues with different color robes and expressions, so you can collect them all. These Buddha statues will make anyone smile.

The inconvenients: Since these Buddha statues are made of porcelain, they are more likely to break than other materials.

Conclusion: These baby Buddha statues are really cute. If you want a little something to brighten your day and remind you that life is good, this is a fun choice.

Best Buddha Head

Advantages: The bust of this refined Zen Buddha treated with a black and green finish for a weathered bronze patina is a beauty to behold. Even the square plinth with its embossed lotus decoration features ornate detailing. The statue has a formal presence, but the Buddha’s round face and closed eyes convey a sense of calm. Although it looks like a heavy artifact, the lightweight polyresin construction weighs only 1.5 pounds. It’s a nice size to place in a room or outdoor space. It is large enough to affect the serenity and not dominate the mood.

The inconvenients: Some people didn’t like the black and green finish. Others dislike its lighter weight.

Conclusion: This bust of Buddha is a beautiful work of art. The detail on the base and the top of the head is quite impressive.

Final Thoughts

Buddha statue seekers can be devout Buddhists looking for new inspiration for meditation or humor-loving people who want something to talk about. Just be yourself when choosing one. You are sure to find a Buddha statue that reminds you to enjoy the moment.

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