Bodega unveils its latest single Statuette On The Console

Bodega by Pooneh Ghana

“‘Statuette On The Console’ is a celebration of letting go of other people’s ideology,” says Bodega’s Nik E Iki.

Bodega’s preparation for their second album broken equipment continues today with the latest single Statuette On The Console.

Besides taking the lead vocals on the track, Nik E Iki made his video with a very present old-school technological fascination:

“I have a certain veneration for the symbols of religion; creating iconography with archaic technology is a big part of my process for Bodega art.

“For the song’s accompanying music video, I posed as the titular statuette on the console, miming the song on an old television, wearing a halo made from a laser disc.”

“I also created a giant iPhone dongle out of cardboard, fabric and pillow stuffing. In our tech-obsessed world, the dongle is a symbol with divine powers of animating silence. I see something tragic in the fragility of these dongles and our reliance on them, it is only a matter of days before they become broken equipment.

Inasmuch as

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