Brendan Fraser very politely tells the Golden Globes to push him

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The Brendan Fraser the return wagon is rolling. One of the most heartening celebrity stories of 2022, Fraser’s return to the limelight with a new wave of critical acclaim saw him become a favorite for the Best Actor Oscar for his performance in Darren Aronofsky. . The whale. He’s been a busy guy over the past few months, receiving endless standing ovations at film festivals, receiving criticism for his career, and basically reminding us why we missed him so much in the first place.

One of the things that launched the Brenaissance was a 2018 profile in QG, where Fraser’s absence from the big and small screen for several years was contextualized. He detailed his mental and physical health issues following a series of on-set injuries and personal struggles. A revelation came when he alleged that former Hollywood Foreign Press Association president Philip Berk had sexually assaulted him.

The experience, in which Fraser was allegedly groped and assaulted at a lunch date in 2003, made him feel like “something had been taken from me”. Berk, a known creep who was eventually kicked out of the HFPA for calling Black Lives Matter a “racist hate movement,” denied any wrongdoing. But he admitted what he claimed “was meant to be taken as a joke and not a sexual advance”. See, totally different thing. The HFPA attempted to get Fraser to sign a joint statement supporting this claim, which he refused. Berk, by his own admission, has never been disciplined by the organization.

The golden globes, the so-called HFPA award, was a mess for a long time, and it resulted in NBC taking them off the air for a year after it was revealed that the oddly cloistered band had no black members. Now, however, NBC has committed to airing the ceremony next year, and with it, Hollywood is once again scrambling to claim that this group of corrupt starf*ckers somehow deserves their attention. But not Fraser.

In a new profile for QG, Fraser is candid about his so-called comeback, offering a warm but grounded outlook on his career at this new stage in his life. It’s a great piece, one with an honest, tongue-in-cheek subject matter that seems acutely aware of how the hype can quickly curdle and doesn’t want to take things too seriously. when asked about the HFPA, he is candid.

“The Whale is an Oscar favorite. Fraser is not only favored to be nominated in the Best Actor category, he is currently favored to win. In a ‘normal’ awards season, that would mean that Fraser would most likely also be nominated for the Golden Globes. I asked if he would go if he was invited.

“I have more history with the Hollywood Foreign Press Association than I have respect for the Hollywood Foreign Press Association,” Fraser said. “No, I will not participate.”

He spoke very softly. I had to lean forward just to hear it over the wind moving through the trees above us. “It’s because of the history I have with them. And my mother didn’t raise a hypocrite. You can call me many things, but not that.

The absolute king sh*t here.

Fraser is right. Why should he play ball with a band that hurt him, threw him dry, then eagerly wants to kiss him now that he’s back in the good books of Hollywood? What does he have to gain by following this accepted cycle of ass-kissing and hypocrisy?

And it’s not just Fraser. Why is someone in the industry entertaining the HFPA, a small group of total non-influencers who claim their little gold statuette and drunken night out is equivalent to the Oscars? It’s a meaningless award and everyone knows it, but somehow the Golden Globes have managed to sell this lie that they’re a crucial player in awards season.

They don’t really want to apologize to Fraser, nor are they interested in any form of restorative justice. They just want to be with the popular kid at the big boy table. And Fraser told them to fuck off. Well, he said it much better than me, but we got the gist. Hopefully everyone in Hollywood will follow suit, but I doubt it. There are many lessons to be learned from the blacklisting and subsequent return of Brendan Fraser, and the industry could listen to them.

Header image source: Jeff Spicer via Getty Images for BFI

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