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KOCHI: crackers bursting on both sides, floating bubbles, merry Christmas carols echoing through its alleys, paper, LED stars lighting the way, and in the midst of all the commotion, Santa is standing with glasses elegant and a shimmering reindeer bow.

For a Thrissur-based wholesale store that opened on Broadway on October 24, it’s been a good business season. “By the first week of December, half of our stock was exhausted. Usually our business skyrockets in the second week, ”says Jijo Job, co-owner.

Dark green and light green double-shade pines, four to six feet tall, are the best sellers this year. The Starlight bulbs in five different colors sold out so quickly that traders were forced to restock them for the third time. Santa Claus, Teddy Bear, and Rudolph Glasses are also in great demand. Four-line LED stars are in great demand while the paper ones had separate takers.

For 40 years, Mr. Sharadabhai has been selling seasonal collections by the roadside with his son Jude Antony. The mother-son duo are turning heads with their vibrant and massive crowns. “Apart from the regulars, the small LED-lit Christmas trees and the hanging mini trees are the most moving,” explains Jude.
Jos & Company’s exquisite Christmas-themed ceramic collections feature snowmen, elves and Santa Claus figurines. This holiday season, sustainability is also key. “Usually, pillar-shaped cylindrical candles are the most sold. This time, square candles in different colors with small wicks are requested, ”says Rosemary, owner.

Christmas themed cushion covers, red and green colored crochet cushions with intricate details, bed sheets, placemats, santa claus print bags and aprons are also available this season. Although clothing stores don’t have a big deal this year, red, green, and white clothes hang in every store.

Better than last year

“The 2021 sale is similar to previous years,” says Aboobacker, owner of Palm Tree. Cakes and wine are the specialties of its shops. With tourism catching up, spices like anise, cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg are again in demand. “Imported chocolates also sell quickly. Baskets or gift boxes with chocolates, wine and cakes also pushed the sale to the fore, ”he says. However, Christmas does not bring any glimmer of hope for a few vendors, like Mahangu Saroj from Banaras.

Saroj comes to Kerala every year in December with his cute Jhoomars (lanterns). He couldn’t get off last year because of Covid. “Kerala generously celebrates Christmas. This year I am in the throes of a serious financial crisis. Previously, in a day or two, I could gain around 4000 C. This year I barely did C1000, ”he says.

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