Can’t get a Bing Dwen Dwen? Chinese factories resume work early to increase supply

Bing Dwen DwenPhoto:VCG

For those who want a Bing Dwen Dwen but unfortunately find it already out of stock in every store they visit, Chinese manufacturers are now mobilizing workers to return early from the Spring Festival holiday for the production of the mascot. panda from the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, to ensure that every desperate fan can bring one home as soon as possible.

Wrapped in a layer of ice, resembling an astronaut, the cute fluffy panda has become a fan favorite at the ongoing Beijing Winter Games amid Olympic fever across society, leading to a global “shopping speed” of related products.

Several manufacturing plants across the country, most of which were still closed for the Lunar New Year, which overlaps with the Olympics, told the Global Times on Tuesday that they had already quickly resumed work and were focusing on the chubby production. panda to quickly increase supply.

According to the Beijing Winter Olympics official website, there are 29 Winter Olympics licensed manufacturers across the country, producing badges, key chains, plush toys, crafts, outdoor and other licensed products.

A licensed maker of Bing Dwen Dwen plush toys in east China’s Zhejiang Province said the company has already resumed production ahead of schedule and is currently preparing materials and sourcing. “We have also been negotiating with various departments, including commodity companies, to get into production quickly,” a company official told the Global Times.

An employee named Chen from Shunmei Group, a porcelain handicrafts maker in Dehua, eastern China’s Fujian Province, told the Global Times that the factory quickly resumed operations and now needs to do overtime to meet the huge demand.

The factory produces two sizes of Bing Dwen Dwen and Shuey Rhon Rhon porcelain figurines, all of which are handcrafted, with the larger priced at 278 yuan ($43.70) and the smaller sold for 198 yuan.

“Product sales have been excellent, and the first batch of stock has run out,” said Chen of Shunmei Group. She said consumers can now only pre-order the numbers, revealing the company’s Sunday sales hit 100,000 yuan.

The next batch of products is expected to be delivered after Feb. 25, Chen said. “I can promise that every customer who has already placed an order will receive what they ordered after the 25th,” Chen said.

Most mascot-themed items, including keychains and throw pillows, were found to be out of stock at flagship Olympic merchandise stores on Tmall and, China’s two major online retailers.

Shoppers are prepared to line up in the freezing pre-dawn cold outside flagship stores for several hours to purchase one of the figurines, and some stores even set a limit of one mascot souvenir for each customer.

Globally, the hashtag Bing Dwen Dwen has also been a hot topic on social media platforms like Twitter.

Guo Lei, an official with the Beijing 2022 Organizing Committee, said on Tuesday that the temporary lack of inventory for a range of 2022 Winter Olympics-related merchandise, including Bing Dwen Dwen, was caused by sudden increases in demand and yet to come. recover production capacity after the Spring Festival holiday.

But, after several rounds of consultation with manufacturers, several factories have gradually resumed production and taken various proactive measures to increase production, which will soon result in uninterrupted supply, Guo told a press conference. adding that the committee attaches great importance to publishing it.

The official said merchandise related to the 2022 Winter Olympics includes 16 main categories and more than 5,000 different products, which will remain on sale until the end of June, urging fans to purchase the memorabilia through the appropriate channels. and to avoid illegal activities such as price gouging and speculation.

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