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The Heavenly Rabbit planted outside Chinatown Point as part of the Mid-Autumn Festival has previously been criticized for being faceless.

However, the bunny has since had a makeover on September 6.

According Shin Min Daily Newsfaceless celestial bunny now sports facial features and appearance kawaii.

Who drew on the rabbit?

The Rabbit’s entire appearance is part of a “Design the Rabbit” contest held by Chinatown Point.

Members of the public could enter the contest by drawing a face on the Sky Rabbit and uploading it in response to Chinatown Point’s Facebook post calling for submissions.

The Faceless Rabbit was first misinterpreted as a timid attempt to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival.

The first five

From the 106 submissions, a total of five entries were shortlisted and the drawing of the winning entry materialized like the drawing seen on the celestial rabbit.

According to Chinatown Point’s Facebook post, the bunny with “more likes” was chosen as the winner and the designer received a S$100 NTUC voucher.

The winner:

The crescent forehead symbol was clearly inspired by Sailor Moon.

The finalists:

Those who also deserved the credit:

Among the submissions that ultimately didn’t win, their designs ranged from minimalist to oriental, with a celestial bunny looking like it just went clubbing.

The Orientals, who would seem chio in the form of porcelain figurines:

The creatives (is it a rabbit or not?):

And the techno bunny who dressed up for a club:

reactions to kawaii rabbit:

Feelings towards the freshly decorated bunny were mixed.

While there were fans who were supportive of the new Sky Bunny, some preferred the Faceless Bunny which they considered minimalist.

“Can you all respect the work of the designer? This bunny is not personalized to your liking.”

“Hello Kitty is popular, even though it has no mouth.”

“The bunny looks better with the new design.”

“I wonder what’s going on in the designer’s brain?”

“It was a work of art, but it’s become a toy now?

Hong Kong’s Minimalist Rabbit

Photo via Ulifestyle HK

Similar to Singapore, Hong Kong has a 12m minimalist LED bunny floating at Lake Erget as part of its Mid-Autumn Festival celebration.

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Top image via Shin Min Daily News.

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