Claire Partington ceramic figurines give a contemporary twist to historical symbols

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#animals #anthropomorphs # ceramics #figurines #porcelain

January 11, 2022

Grace Ebert

All images © Claire Partington, shared with permission

Citing traditional portraits and figurative ceramics, London artist Claire Partington (previously) sculpts great figures with a dose of contemporary spirit: lavishly equipped women lose their heads in the face of anthropomorphic octopuses, a fairy wearing flip flops dozes in next to empty beer bottles and sneakers and a cell phone next to “Sleeping Beauty”. Infused with mythological symbols and references to folklore, the delicate figurines blend history and culture across the ages and raise questions about interpretation and storytelling.

Most of the pieces shown here are included in Partington’s solo exhibition Outside, which is on view from February 2 to March 19 at Winston Wächter Fine Art in Seattle and coincides with the release of Historical fiction, a monograph covering ten years of his career. Until then, explore more of his subversive figures on his site and Instagram.

#animals #anthropomorphs # ceramics #figurines #porcelain

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