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Is it really gift-shopping season already? I still mourn the loss of daylight saving time! But I must continue. So here are a few things I like:

Goodnight Little Me personalized book from and Amazon: $ 34.99. Your child’s name on the cover, throughout the story and in illustrations. Packed with dogs, sheep, owls and crickets wishing sweet dreams.

(Name) ‘s family home evening before Christmas at $ 39.99. “It was the night before Christmas,” personalized with family surname, parents’ names, up to two guardian nicknames, up to six child names, family city name , a family photo.

Barx BusyBall from for $ 69.99, $ 45.99 on sale. Battery-powered, waterproof plastic ball. Smart programming technology moves it in random patterns, bouncing and rolling in different directions, activated by built-in motion sensors every time your dog touches it. Made from tear-resistant, food-grade, non-toxic materials. Smart motion sensors detect obstacles, preventing them from getting stuck in unwanted places. Three modes – gentler, slower for older animals; Ordinary; super-active for hyperactive animals. Automatically goes into sleep mode when your dog stops playing. Rechargeable battery operational for up to five hours. Plugs into standard USB chargers. The twists open to reveal the charging port and the “on” button. Press it and a green light indicates activation. A single hour of charging lasts up to eight hours.

OlumiRing from $ 29.99, on sale for $ 24.99. An LED light ring clips onto your laptop, tablet, or phone. Press the power button and create flattering, photo shoot-worthy lighting for video calls and photography. OlumiRing erases shadows, “making you look brighter and more like your ‘real me.’ »Three settings, brighter or weaker. Has a USB charger. Apply makeup on the go in a car by hanging it on the mirrored visor.

SolVolt solar charging unit from $ 99.95. $ 39.95 before December 30. A smartphone-sized outdoor unit powers your phone up to 3.5 times before it loses power. Two USB ports for simultaneous charges. Waterproof, shockproof. Clips on the back of your backpack. Has a built-in LED flashlight for emergencies.

Bondic UV LED Liquid Plastic Welder for $ 19.99, $ 23.95 at Amazon: An adhesive for use on plastic, wood, metal, PVC, steel, rubber, wiring, ceramics , figurines, vinyl, Kevlar, polypropylene, leather to fix the ends of the phone charger, broken toys, jewelry, glasses, ceramics, etc. Starter kit includes handheld applicator, UV LED lamp, 4 gram tube of liquid adhesive. Shine the UV LED light on the adhesive for four seconds, and it will harden, forming a permanent bond. Waterproof, heat resistant and non-toxic. Dries clear. Can be sanded or painted after hardening.

Copper Rain Gauge, $ 22.99 from Amazon, $ 58.95 from World’s Coolest Rain Gauge Co. Based on the Archimedean principle of moving water, the measuring tube rises from the outer collecting flute to show water accumulation. Prevents overwatering and underwatering. Glass-less design. Safe outdoors year round, except when prolonged winter temperatures drop below freezing. Not guaranteed to be frost proof. Made of copper and ABS. Will not crack, yellow or become cloudy with long term exposure.

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