Contemporary Hashimoto – Spotlight – Artforum International

Hashimoto Contemporary is pleased to present “Modern Love”, Megan Ellen MacDonald’s first solo exhibition in the United States. The Toronto artist’s latest collection of oil paintings explores femininity and power through contemporary still life compositions.

MacDonald creates intricate vignettes using 3D software and virtual reality, then documents the scenes using classic oil painting techniques. Inspired by the historic still life painting of the Dutch Golden Era, the artist’s rendering of his strange world is coded with contemporary iconography. Porcelain figurines and ripe, plastic-coated fruit nestled among brilliant flowers, serve as a memento mori and allegory to the experience, objectification and power of woman. The artist’s comments on objectification are incorporated into the smooth subjects and fabricated as a commodity.

Saturated and impossibly perfect, MacDonald’s subjects describe female identity as “both stimulating and messy” in their beauty, flaws, and complexity. Each composition separates the dichotomy of gender and power while simultaneously recognizing the intricacies of women’s identity, empowerment and agency. The delicate porcelain figurines in his paintings have come to life and slide through vibrant paintings filled with innuendo and symbolism. The fruits hang from golden branches dripping with syrup or glistening blood, creating an alluring yet unsettling scene, akin to the complexity of empowerment and identity.

“Modern Love” will be playing from December 11 to January 8 at the Hashimoto Contemporary in Los Angeles site at 2754 La Cienega Blvd in Culver City. For more information, visit

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