Couple sell huge collection of Beatrix Potter and Disney figurines to pay for cancer treatment


A couple will sell their “beautiful” collection of beloved ceramics to raise money for the cancer treatment they both need.

The couple started collecting 30 years ago and scoured the country in search of rare ceramic antiques. Their collection estimated at thousands of dollars includes figures of Beatrix Potter, Betty Boop and Disney.

However, they had to quit after receiving the devastating news that they both had cancer. Husband is battling bowel cancer, which has spread to his lungs and liver, and his wife has had four major operations for oral cancer, one of which saw a bone in her leg move .

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Today the 70-year-old couple have decided to sell their collection in Staffordshire to raise funds for private cancer care. The collection includes rare bowls and figurines as part of the collection they have lovingly added at fairs across the country for more than three decades.

They said: “We had a lot of fun collecting and we had imagined that we were going to sell them when we retired.

“But you don’t know what the future holds and unfortunately physical illness stopped us; initially with the diagnosis of oral cancer 15 years ago.

“We had such plans for later in life and sometimes they just don’t materialize.

“Now we’re catching up and the proceeds will likely be used to pay for private medical care.”

They started their collection with a Ginger Beswick Beatrix Potter feline figure, purchased 30 years ago because the couple at the time had a ginger cat named Sandy.

A Bunnykins plate warmer

The collection also includes figures from the makers of Burslem Wade, including the iconic cartoon character Betty Boop and Disney figures from the Walt Disney Classics collection.

It is expected to fetch several thousand pounds when it goes up for auction in Lichfield at the Lichfield Auction Center in Fradley Park later this month.

They added: “We were avid collectors, visiting fairs in Newark, Trentham Gardens and Exeter. We went to Glasgow and came back in one day to collect items we had seen.

“Over time you start looking for specific elements to compose a sequel or you go somewhere for something specific and find something else that interests you and sends you on a different tangent.

“You just collect and collect. We’ve had a lot of fun collecting over the years and we’ve only ever bought what we liked.

“We have seen the country and met a lot of lovely people who are interested in exquisite ceramics.

“It is a passage of time that we have truly enjoyed – a wonderful existence that has been cut short by illness.”

The couple, who have not been named and are from Sutton Coldfield, say they “have never been blessed” with their own children, but much of the collection involves characters from beloved children, some of the rarer items being a bunny clown and an ‘oompah’ group in green jackets.

The entire collection is expected to sell for thousands of pounds.

A collection of rabbit figurines
Royal Doulton’s rare Oompah Band

The husband said, “When you think of a toddler sitting there eating these beautifully illustrated pieces, it’s absolutely amazing,” he said.

“You see kids today feeding on plastic cups and stuff – compare that to the amount of design work and skill that went into the nursery, decorated with pictures the kids can look at. eating.

“We just fell in love with the beauty of it all. Ginger was our first piece and it grew from there.

“We had a wonderful time and absolutely loved everything.”

The auction is scheduled to take place during the Sole Proprietorship with Richard Winterton Auctioneers at the Lichfield Auction Center on Monday, October 25 at 10 a.m., with a presentation of the entire collection on Friday, October 22, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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