Design Recipes: 10 accent items to enhance your decor | Nation

From flowers to figurines and bowls to books, there are so many different ways to add and incorporate accents into a space. Although you have a number of traditional choices, there are a few unusual ones that might surprise you.

Here are some interesting accent items to consider:

1. Figures

Where you might place a small or large vase, consider using a ceramic piece instead.

2. Jewels and World Coins

Jewelry might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of an accent. However, jewelry can help add an interesting overall element to a space.

3. Create a showcase for a few key accents

Whether it’s a bookcase or a shelf, look for interesting ways to display accents and accessories.

4. Thumbnails

Thumbnails provide a great opportunity for accents, grouping them together in interesting and dynamic ways.

5. Texture and color

Accents provide the ability to infuse both texture and color into a space.

6. Books

Coffee table books can be used and displayed in a variety of ways to help accessorize.

7. Organic Elements

Wood and wooden elements can provide the opportunity to bring overall elements into a space.

8. Metallics

Introducing metals can help bring gold and silver to certain spaces where you are looking to bring a sense of contrast.

9. Wall hangings and alternatives to artwork

Wall hangings and mixed media can add a touch of wow factor to a space.

10. Greenery

Greenery can provide the perfect splash of color or accent in a space. You can achieve this with real or artificial greenery.

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