Do you believe in haunted dolls? Because my daughter is afraid of hers


She is still looking at us.

She sits in an old woven chair in our upstairs hallway, absently surveying our every move with her pale blue eyes. We walk past her as we make our way to the bedroom or glance down at the floor while tiptoeing towards the bathroom to look away from her lifeless gaze.

“Sometimes she would confess that the doll looked scary at night.”

Sometimes his blank expression seems to curiously change as the morning light gives way to darkness. Is she smiling at us? Did she just wink? Do her eyes narrow as she plots her revenge for being banned from my daughter’s bedroom?

This provincial porcelain doll was a gift for my daughter when she was little, brought from Germany by a dear family friend. The friend was kind enough to choose a doll for her grandchildren and the offspring of a few close friends, including my mother’s granddaughters. She took special care to choose the delicate figurines to match each little girl.

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My daughter received a beautiful one with gray-blue eyes, honey-colored hair and a rather thoughtful expression to match my daughter’s sometimes serious appearance. She and I marveled at her lifelike features, her traditional pink pinafore dress, and the delicate basket she squeezed overflowing with tiny green plastic grapes.

The statue had a surprising resemblance to my daughter, which made her feel a special affinity with her even though she was too delicate to play with. We placed her high on a shelf out of her reach so she wouldn’t break like so many of her dolls that had been drawn with markers, or had lost eyes or limbs due to too much play. turbulent.

And she stayed there until the girl-doll relationship took a dark and twisted turn.

Doll or Demon?

A few years after the doll joined our family, my daughter started waking me up in the middle of the night, asking me to crawl into bed with her. She was afraid of something without a name, but she didn’t want to express what upset her.

“And then one night I was woken up by blood-curdling screams.”

Was it an ad she saw? A YouTube video that has passed parental controls? Something she heard about at school? Sometimes she would confess that the doll looked creepy at night, but she would always say no whenever I asked her if I should move her.

And then one night I was woken up by blood-curdling screams. I flew out of bed towards my daughter and her two sleeping friends, barging in through her bedroom door, screaming and climbing on top of each other as if they had just seen a ghost. They claimed the doll had mysteriously migrated from her perch on the shelf to her bed and somehow slipped under the covers, plunging the girls into near hysterics.

They swore up and down that neither of them moved the doll, and clearly, she was possessed and wanted them back. I wasn’t sure I believed them. Had either of them deliberately placed it there to make the sleepover more exciting? As I helped them move their slumber party into the living room away from the doll’s realm, I kept my thoughts to myself.

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That’s when the doll went from a benevolent toy to a demonic lord in our family. Since the sleepover incident, the doll has been unceremoniously moved to her new home in our hallway. There she looks at all of us, and we try to live our lives and pretend we’re not just a little scared of her.

“That’s when the doll went from a benevolent toy to a demonic lord in our family.”

Sometimes when I walk past her I turn to my daughter and whisper, “What should we do with her? I don’t want to leave her here forever. “But my daughter shuts me up and reminds me:” Don’t talk about the doll in front of the doll. So there she stays.

I hope that one day the two will fix their relationship. Maybe in the future my daughter will feel the same brotherhood with her mini-me that she has experienced before. Right now, we’re just trying to get along. As long as the doll stays in her place on the chair and doesn’t try to levitate and float to other parts of the house, she can be part of the family.

So parents, as the days start to get shorter and the nights get longer, and Halloween takes over, remember that kids can have great imaginations.

Under the cloak of darkness, stuffed animals can transform into zombies, minifigures can transform into shapeshifters, and dolls can transform into demons.

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