Dog Days of Summer arrive just in time for the gallery cruise


It’s time for another gallery cruise on Vashon, with most art venues open from around 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Friday, August 6. Remember, masks are back in fashion for everyone these days in all indoor public places. Here are a few shows to check out, in addition to a remarkable piece of art currently on display at Island Paper Chase (see page 1.)

Coffee Vino Olio

Fidelis, Brazilian artist, will exhibit his geometric work in vibrant colors. At the opening, some of David Lynch’s powerful Guatemalan series will still be on view, and artist Carol Schwennesen graced the entrance to the cafe to encourage islanders to attend her next show in September.

Hardware Restaurant Gallery

According to islander Brian Brenno, his new exhibit, on display throughout August, “is all about Hjem – the Norwegian word for home – for both my love for Vashon and my host family in 2020 “. Brenno’s work in the show, made from aluminum soda and beer cans and bottle caps nailed to plywood, represents everything Vashon is about: seaplane races, old tractors, kayaks, ferries and same big black clouds and raindrops.

Heron meadow

For the first time, an outdoor installation art exhibit will be held at Heron Meadow, a two-acre wetland habitat adjacent to the VCA building. For the “Over / Growth” exhibition, six local visual artists created six separate installations about re-engaging with the natural world after a long period of isolation. Opening Friday at 5 p.m., the show will remain visible until August 28.

The exhibition was organized after a call was made to artists on the island to design and build site-specific thematic installations that creatively use natural materials. The selected artists were Allison Trundle Crain, Nate Clark, Odin Lonning, Justin Brandimarte and “Over / Growth” producers Leslie Zenz and Cyra Jane (Luce Morgana, collectively).

Brian Brenno’s Vashon-centric artwork, crafted from aluminum soda and beer cans, cut and nailed to plywood, is on display at the Hardware Store Restaurant Gallery (Brian Brenno artwork) .

Of his project, “Nest,” said Trundle, “Sometimes we unintentionally recreate our original nests. We might get too big or be forced out of our nest. As humans, we have need a place to rest and sleep and as a species we face issues of global warming, immigration, refugees and housing We all need a safe home.

Trundle’s “Nest” will open with two dance performances, to original compositions, at 7 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. on Friday.

Nate Clark will present his first major installation on Vashon, although his work is held in many permanent collections. His project, “Wedge”, is a large, three-dimensional woven net suspended between the trees, pointing attention to the meadow.

Tlingit artist Odin Lonning’s installation, “Killer Whale and The Salmon Nations of Wulj,” is a traditional-style panel of salmon and killer whales in homage to the sacred connection that Indigenous peoples have with the natural world.

Justin Brandimarte moved to Vashon in early 2020. In his play “Journey Out” he explores fears and unwelcoming paths to find peace with some sort of obstacle course / meditation space hidden at the south end. of the meadow.

An exhibition of works by Shelley Hanna, ?? Burns Park, ??  can be seen at Snapdragon (Shelley Hanna Artwork).

An exhibition of works by Shelley Hanna, “Burns Park”, can be viewed at Snapdragon (Shelley Hanna Artwork).

Cyra Jane will present “What Once Was Here,” a community memorial to lost time that incorporates the words, grief and experiences of dozens of Islanders woven into large panels and black paint.

Leslie Zenz’s installation, “Mold Pods: Specimen # 0706”, is remarkably made up of Oomycota, an aquatic mold, collected on Vashon in 2021 following the societal shutdown of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Over / Growth” is the launch of Luce Morgana Productions. Curators Zenz and Jane have almost 45 years of combined experience as directors and lead artists for events such as parades, festivals and symposia.

Snapdragon Bakery and Cafe

A new exhibition of photographs by Shelley Hanna, “Burns Park”, will adorn the walls of Snapdragon. The works on display are reminiscent of Hanna’s childhood, she said. “It’s a project about being a spy when I was a kid – but to be honest I wasn’t spying on people, just places, and I wasn’t really a spy, just a kid. . ”


On Friday, the VALISE gallery will open “Time”, an exhibition of VALISE artists that explores all aspects of time.

In her work “Tower of Time”, Pascale Judet explores the idea that time is short. “I wanted to explore this sense of the brevity of a life as well as its richness…” she said.

Painter Rachel Lordkenaga’s paintings “Tractor” and “Midday” are based on two photos of her grandmother. Both photos, she said, “evoked a sense of precarious childhood in the wilderness. The wonder, the fear and the comfort of being new. And now.”

Nate Clark ?? s ?? The Wedge, ??  is part of an exhibition of the installation artist's work in VCA's Heron Meadow (Nate Clark Artwork Rendering).

Nate Clark’s “The Wedge” is part of an exhibition of works by an installation artist in VCA’s Heron Meadow (Nate Clark Artwork Rendering).

Other artists on the show are Gregory Burnham, Dot Cherch, Bill Jarcho, Jesse Johnson, Corinne Lightweaver, Jiji Saunders, Sharon Shaver, Hita von Mende, George Wright and Lenard Yen.

The VALISE gallery is open from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. The opening, on Friday, will take place from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. The show will run until Saturday August 28.

Vashon Center for the Arts

The latest exhibitions open at the VCA Summer Arts Festival will include a group exhibition by local ceramists, a jewelry exhibition and outdoor installations at VCA’s Heron Meadow.

Ceramists Abraham McBride, Barbara Wells, Chris Beck, Dave Olsen, Gale Lurie, Irene Otis, Jane Neubauer, Karen Fevold, Lin Holley, Marla Smith, Mary Hosick, Mary L Robinson and Roxanne Thayer will present a multitude of serving bowls, trays , casseroles, cups, vases and sushi plates with condiment bowls. There are also decorative tiles and porcelain goddess figurines in the show.

Marie Higuera will be exhibiting her handmade jewelry, including hair adornments that were inspired primarily by the flora and fauna of the Vashon Gardens and Forests, and Mexican folk art. The coins are primarily sterling silver and incorporate precious and semi-precious stones, glass, brass, and fine silver.

Works by Annette Messitt, Renee Jett, Deborah Taylor, Sophia Krikawa, Donna Liberty, Harmony Kellogg, Rachel LordKenaga, Maija McKnight, Robin Mallory, Robert Thomas, Andrea Bellon and Michael Brinker are also on display, in continuous exhibitions.

Regular opening hours for the VCA Summer Gallery are 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday.

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