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Anna Matracka from the village of Załuski near Warsaw regained her title after amassing an impressive 3,799 dog-related items.
Ania Matracka / Facebook

A dog lover has become a Guinness World Record holder for the second time, for having the largest collection of hunting dogs in the world.

Anna Matracka from the village of Załuski near Warsaw was first recognized as the best dog in 2014 when she won the record for “the largest collection of objects related to dogs” with 1,401 pieces.

Matracka won the world record for the first time in 2014.Guinness World Records

Beaten on 2sd April 2019 by Mary Elias of the United Arab Emirates who owned a collection of 1,496 dog-related pieces, Matracka became determined to regain the crown.

Taking a “dog-eat-dog” approach, she enlisted the help of friends, family, and even children at the school she works for, to develop her collection.

She told the news portal: “It took almost four months to enter all the data on the items in my collection into the appropriate table.

Matracka was stripped of the record in 2019 by Mary Elias of the United Arab Emirates, who had a collection of 1,496 dog-related pieces.Guinness World Records

“Each item had to have its own photo, an annotation on the material it was made of and the date and circumstances of its purchase.

To finish, with a massive collection of 3,799 pieces, it regained its title.

The record collection includes jewelry, clothing such as slippers, cups, plates and figurines in various materials including porcelain, plaster, clay, glass and wood.

Matracka fought to reclaim the title after getting friends, family, and school children to help grow her collection.Guinness World Records

Others are made from plastic, rubber, stone, wax, chalk, some from seashells and even sugar.

Supported by her understanding husband Maciej, after receiving the first record in 2014, Matracka posted on social media: “Dogs are everywhere. Sometimes I stick them in the cupboards. For lack of space.

“I have to get myself a library where everything will be in one place. After taking them all out to count, I now need to clean them again. “

Her favorite item in her collection, however, is a porcelain Lady figure from the Disney cartoon “Lady and the Tramp” (photo illustration).Ebay

Starting when she was just 4 years old, Matracka’s first figure was a plastic toy of a Kinder Surprise chocolate egg.

Each piece is unique and has its own story as a piece given to her by her older great-grandmother.

Her favorite item in her collection, however, is a porcelain figurine of the Lady from the Disney cartoon “The Lady and the Tramp”.

Matracka was supported in her collection by her understanding husband Maciej.Ania Matracka / Facebook

Matracka said she had to fight to win it in an internet auction, but loved it for its authenticity.

His last record-breaking collection was counted over 24e July of last year, but was only recently verified and officially added to Guinness World Records due to COVID restrictions.

In addition to collecting dog related items, Matracka also devotes time and money to local dog shelters and adoption centers.


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