Downtown New Bedford becomes a cheater’s paradise

No sugar coating is needed to persuade kids to show up for a free and safe candy party on Saturday, October 22.

Elissa Paquette, President of Downtown New Bedford Inc., confirms that this year’s All Treats, No Tricks (formerly known as dNB Fall Fest) will provide more entertainment than ever.

The fun, family-friendly event featuring tricks or treats at over 40 businesses, runs from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Downtown New Bedford will be temporarily revamped, with dizzying scarecrow stilt walkers mingling with families.

“The living statue is a crowd pleaser,” Paquette said. “Every year, the actress is dressed in big costumes that look like a statuette or a tree, and suddenly, from a lifeless position, she will change her pose and everyone around her is surprised, then laughs. “

The SouthCoast Brass Band will perform in front of the New Bedford Whaling Museum and dancers from the New Bedford Performing Arts Center will perform.

“There’s an amazing art exhibit at TL6; coloring sheets, crayons and Halloween candy at the New Bedford Art Museum; and at the main downtown library there will be crafts and Halloween-themed books,” Paquette said.

While you’re at the library, take the elevator to the third floor where early voting takes place. Your children seeing you vote could be a powerful example.

Speaking of adult stuff, an adult sangria tasting at Anthi’s Drawing Room, 22 William St., is scheduled from 2-4 p.m.

The complete program is on the New Bedford Inc. Downtown Facebook Page and on Instagram at @dNBinc.

The rain date is Saturday, October 29.

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