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There is little chance in this world to contemplate a real treasure. The ’90s kids who watched the iconic TV show Legends of the Hidden Temple know this truth well.

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That’s why it’s no surprise that Reddit is full of AMAs and stories from people who have had the first-hand experience of being or working on the series that aired for three seasons on Nickelodeon.

In preparation for the reboot of the new series, we took a deep dive into these stories to remind ourselves of what to expect:


“I was small and way too young – I was that idiot who didn’t know what to do.”

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“I had to run around and collect puzzle pieces from across the stage and the other kid on my team that got picked was like DUDE WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU, ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS TO RUN AND GET THE WRONG PUZZLE PIECES PUT IT ALL TOGETHER. I stood there like an idiot. “- u / isellthings


“I thought the moat challenge was fun, and we got it right first. The older kids episode that was filmed right before us (and had the same moat challenge) was so terrible that everyone was so drenched they had to change clothes and go through the whole sequence again. “

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“I remember not really enjoying the stages, but that’s probably because we didn’t win. I remember knowing all the answers but not being able to ‘walk’ fast enough. Obviously, I would have loved to have competed for the set Instead, I have to live vicariously through my classmate who went to the temple … and then lost. “- u / hclarklsu


“I was in the King Henry VIII episode (Season 1, EP 16). I made it to the semi-finals (I couldn’t lead the temple). I don’t remember how deep the moat was at all . “

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“As for Kirk Fogg, if I hadn’t seen the video recently, I doubt I would have even recognized him on the street. I really don’t remember what he looked like. We didn’t really interact. with him far beyond what was filmed.

I wish I had more interesting memories, I think I mentioned something relevant in the previous comment. The prices shown on the GAS re-broadcast are not the original prices, so I don’t even know what I would have played for if I had made it to the temple. Maybe my parents have the VHS in a box somewhere from the original, who knows. “- u / Psifertex


“We never saw the host off camera. He never came to our waiting room to introduce himself and never spoke to us on set unless they were filming. As for the latency, there was A TON They film 4 episodes at a time.

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“And I guess due to the constraints of the size / set-up of the set, they filmed each sequence of the 4 shows together before moving on to the next one. So 4 moat scenes, 4 temple scenes, etc. The show contestants were separated by age, and I seem to remember my show was a particularly young band. One of the older bands had to shoot their moat scene twice. “- u / hclarklsuOP


“According to the show, I won a game called ‘Magical Maze’. What happened to my door was Moon Shoes. I don’t know if there was any confusion or if they were. have just randomized certain products as “price” for marketing purposes. “

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“Either way, I was pretty keen on the moon shoes. I loved the show when I was a kid. I also liked it a lot. Bowels and Double dare too much. It was definitely in my top 5. I would totally do it again. It was fun! and I missed a day of school – every college kid’s dream. “—u / hclarklsu


“We were due to arrive at 6:30 am. I was released from the shoot in the early afternoon. They fed us breakfast and lunch. So yeah, for about 7 minutes of fame it took about 8 hours. . “

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“I was living in Orlando at the time and one afternoon during the air announcements,” the manager said. LotHT was looking for candidates. If we were interested, we should call this number. So I called when I got home and had time to come audition. Pretty simple actually 🙂 Most of the kids on the shows are local. – u / hclarklsu


“At least a third of the contestants never saw the show before they were candidates because each season was fully filmed before it aired, and there were 3 seasons of 40 episodes each.”

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“Specific games that have been played multiple times in a season were filmed together, which decreased the likelihood that the contestants had seen that game / activity played before. The exception to this is a number of Temple Run rooms which have remained the same throughout the series.

This is what happened when I attended a live recording. They performed the same game / activity multiple times, but for different groups of teams. In this case, it was an introductory race where they had to cross a ditch in a raft and the bottom half of the teams would be cut off.

If it wasn’t because I loved the show and thought it was amazing being on set, it got a little boring after a while. Encourage people doing the same thing over and over again, especially when you’re over 3 minutes away and still need to cheer on the few remaining loafer teams that are going to be deleted anyway. “- u / Renegade_Meister


“My friend was a competitor on this show. He said the temple guards were arrogant jerks.” – u / bmoviescreamqueen


“There was an elder Legends of the Hidden Temple candidate interviewed in a magazine many years ago and know they spoke about the temple guards. I’ve been looking for this magazine article for years. “

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“It was really long and basically answered all of my questions about the show. If I remember correctly (doubtfully) the temple guards were just stagehand / production assistants. I also remember the article. mentioning that parents had to watch their children from a different room in the studio (via a live stream) while filming. “- u / CheesyVomit


“I was working for a construction company that would be hired by Nickelodeon to build / dismantle some of their televisions. Legends of the Hidden Temple was actually one of the sets we did. “

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“We started taking the set apart literally an hour after they finished recording their last episode, so people were still hanging around. I met Kirk Fogg, Dee Baker (Olmec) and even some of the guards.

The guards were cool. I asked them what it was like and from what I could tell they really knew their South American Indian history. Apparently, they really had to get into character; it wasn’t just about catching the kids as they ran through the maze.

Anyway, I apologized for taking a cigarette break. When I came back, the manager of the set asked me: “Aren’t you going to move them?” I asked, “Move what? He motioned to a set of stone temple guard statues standing in exactly the same spot I had just left. “- u / Really_Im_OK


“The producers coordinated themselves very well to decide who was going to be on which team. I was mainly working on the technical aspects of the production. I got to know these people but I didn’t work much with the children.” – u / LegendsGutsArcade


“One of my challenges was to tie everything together, the computers, the midi audio triggers and the video graphics.”

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“Nick’s editors saw me in the room and hugged me. I was the first TD to wrap a show there that only took an hour to get there on time. The standards and the practice were still being watched, so we weren’t able to change it out with editing. ” – u / LegendsGutsArcade


“I was at the recording of Captions for the first season, so we didn’t know what to expect. “

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“They kept doing close-ups on that spooky, open-mouthed statue, and the production assistant in the green room kept explaining everything as if we knew what the show was all about. Things like, ‘D’ Okay, first they’ll have to go through The Moat [What the hell is The Moat?]. After that Olmec [Who the [email protected]$& is Olmec? The host? I thought that was Kirk.] will give them their first clue to find the artifact [What’s the… never mind, go on…]. At this point, they’ll come down the steps… ‘Bob’s team made it through the moat, then they reset for the Stages of Knowledge tour. He was killing him, and they took the last step first. Then Kirk asked, “What part of the body is named after the Greek hero Achilles?” Bob stomped on the button and shouted excitedly, “OH! OH! The… The… The… part… down… of… your foot… ”There was a very long awkward pause. – I’m sorry, Kirk said. ‘We were looking–‘ ‘HEEL. ACHILLES’ HEEL.’ ‘… Uh no. We were looking for a “tendon”. The Achilles tendon. OK. Let’s move on … “It completely shook Bob’s whole confidence, and his team had no further questions and they were knocked out this round. He received some sort of consolation prize, I think. . Also, he was able to keep his team jersey. I think they were the parrots, maybe? ” – u / FartPoopRobot_PhD


“A few years ago at a summer camp I attended, a girl introduced herself to everyone as a former contestant on Legends of the Hidden Temple. This is probably the best way to befriending nostalgic ’90s morons, bar none. “

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“It was later found out that she was lying because she was about five years old when the show was cut off, but no one could really blame her because she was the most popular and envied person in camp at the time. true story.” – u / cinnamontoastPUNCH

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