Former Toronto Mayor Mel Lastman’s Candle, personal effects are now up for auction

Si vous avez toujours voulu posséder les biens personnels d’une célébrité locale de Toronto et / ou avoir une fascination particulière pour l’ancien maire de la ville Mel Lastman, vous avez de la chance, comme la succession de la figure tardive – qui a also founded Bad Boy Furniture – is now up for auction.

Online public auctions have already begun for more than 120 items belonging to the chef and his family, which clearly had a propensity for classic and chic furniture.

Mel Lastman’s personal watch collection would be a pretty cool thing for any fan of the controversial figure.

Murano glass sculptures, porcelain figurines and a custom feather sofa are among the unique pieces available, all a very specific taste suiting the wealthy octogenarians who once owned them.

Although Lastman’s Deer Park luxury condo’s up for grabs seem quite pricey, some of the deals so far are pretty low, with many around $11.

mel lastman

This lamp, is it currently $96, tasteful and unique, or just hideous and creepy? You decide!

The collection goes from the current offer of $ 3 on certain $ 90 glass jewelry boxes for a Louis XV style dresser cabinet with a fanciful appearance for the biggest madness, $ 1,923 for a set of silver cutlery sterling that comes in a plush velvet woody box that may or may not be haunted.

Also for sale: Persian rugs, 40-pound bronze sculptures, ornate inkwells, and a few other furnishings and decorative items for those with the funds and aesthetic taste for such things.

mel lastman sale

Every true adult is supposed to have a good set of dishes – why not make it a dish eaten by Mel Lastman?

Bien que cette vente puisse être réservée à ceux qui sont fans d’objets anciens haut de gamme, des choses comme cette collection intéressante d’accessoires pour hommes, des gobelets à vin plaqués argent voyants (mais bon marché), un cristal de quartz naturel giant and a collection of vintage lighters are objectively pretty cool.

Also, have we mentioned the cool carpets?

As the auction ends today, extended bidding on late bids means it could stretch for longer.

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