Gift ideas for Beetlejuice fans: 13 awesome Beetlejuice gifts for fans of the movie


One of Michael Keaton’s most beloved films (especially for his unforgettable manic performance as the eponymous ghostly antagonist) is beetle juice from 1988. While it certainly doesn’t count as one of the actor’s Christmas movies (namely Jack frost), the creepy and wacky classic from director Tim Burton has enough followers to inspire some really cool stocking stuffers. Take a look at our guide to the best beetle juice online gifts that would be perfect for any “weird and unusual” friends or family you might have.

Beetlejuice Funko Pop!  figure

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Take it up a notch for this epic limited edition Beetlejuice Funko Pop! Figure

If the beetle juice fan in your life also collects Funko Pop! vinyl figures, you may be giving them their most precious possession with this limited edition figure. Even if they are not Funko Pop! collector, they will be delighted to have a decorative object representing Betelgeuse (the correct spelling of the character’s name by the way) with his merry-go-round hat, referring to one of the most unforgettable moments of the final act of the movie.

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Beetlejuice Sandworm mood lamp

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It’s a Beetlejuice sandworm you’ll love

Another beautiful decorative object that pays homage to one of the most emblematic moments of beetle juice is this mood lamp carved from a sand worm – a strange otherworldly creature that Michael Keaton’s character doesn’t like very much. The officially licensed LED light is made of resin, stands 5 inches tall, and works with LR44 batteries which are included so your loved one always keeps their home looking spooky.

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LEGO Dimensions Beetlejuice Set

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You will especially like a Beetlejuice sandworm that you build yourself

An even more fun and interactive way to relive Betelgeuse’s conflicted relationship with Sandworms is with this set from the LEGO Dimensions series. The item includes a Betelgeuse minifigure and 56 LEGO bricks used to build the sandworm or for purposes other than the creative beetle juice fan of any age in your life might be able to find it.

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Beetlejuice Ducky

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This Beetlejuice Ducky keeps you company in the bath

I also think that beetle juice fans of all ages would love to have a duckling designed to look like the iconic bio-exorcist character. As part of a complete TUBBZ series featuring vinyl duck-like figures based on horror movie characters, this beetle juice edition is an absolute keepsake, whether your friend or family members keep it in the tub to play with or keep it on display for onlookers to admire.

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Manuel Beetlejuice for the recently deceased diary with pen

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Write your own manual for the recently deceased

Here is another article that your beloved beetle juice the fan can be used as a decoration item or for practical use. This replica of the Handbook for the Recently Deceased – Adam (Alec Baldwin) and Barbara Maitland (Geena Davis) ‘s written guide to navigating the afterlife – also comes with a beetle juice pen with which your loved one can write down all their thoughts about their life or absence.

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Beetlejuice slipper socks

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Slip gently into the afterlife with these Beetlejuice slipper socks

If only there could be a better way than this manual to help Adam and Barbara make a smoother and more comfortable transition into the afterlife. These officially licensed beetle juice slipper socks, made from 100% polyester, could have done the trick.

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Beetlejuice Scary Adam and Barbara Art Print

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Relive Adam and Barbara’s spookiest moment forever with these Beetlejuice-inspired posters

Speaking of Adam and Barbara again, the beetle juice The scene in which the couple transform into grotesque creatures to personally scare the Deetzes (Jeffrey Jones and Catherine O’Hara) from their home is an image that will haunt me for the rest of my life. Why not make this image a permanent fixture in your friend’s or family member’s home with these 8 “x 10” works of art depicting the spooky silhouettes of the Maitlands printed on the dictionary pages?

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Beetlejuice American Gothic Parody Print

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Beetlejuice characters ruin a classic in the best way

Now let’s say the beetle juice fan in your life is a fan of more classic and original works of art, such as american gothic. A hilarious way to marry these two passions into one is with this parody recreation of Grant Wood’s iconic 1930 painting that puts Betelgeuse and Lydia Deetz (Winona Ryder) in the place of the farmer and his wife and is available in various sizes. with different price. for each.

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Beetlejuice marquee sign

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Always know where Beetlejuice is with this illuminated marquee sign

If your beloved beetle juice fan is like me, they prefer to decorate their homes with more authentic recreations of recognizable items from their favorite movies and TV shows. While admittedly not an exact copy (it reads the spelling of the movie title instead of how the character’s name is actually spelled), this replica of the marquee panel hanging above from Betelgeuse’s tomb should really brighten up their vacation. Three AA batteries are included to power the built-in LED lights that illuminate the panel, which measures 26 “high and 20” wide.

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Clock sign Beetlejuice

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Always Know When ‘It’s Show Time’ With This Beetlejuice Wall Clock

In case your loved one does not have a place large enough to mount the lights beetle juice marquee sign, but you know it’s always something they would have loved to decorate their home with, we’ve got a perfect alternative in mind. While looking even less like the original movie sign, this replica is only 11 “wide by 12” high and is also a wall clock powered by a single AA battery.

Buy Beetlejuice Marquee Sign Wall Clock on Ebay.

Beetlejuice Geeki Tikis ceramic mug

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Have a drink with Beetlejuice from this ceramic Tiki mug

Again we have another awesome, beetle juice-inspiring decorative object which also has a practical function. This comically glossy ceramic mug designed to look like Betelgeuse holds 21 ounces of your loved one’s favorite drink and comes from the good people of Geeki Tikis, who specialize in tiki mugs carved from various pop culture figures .

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Coffee cup Beetlejuce Lydia Deetz

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Have a “weird and unusual” brew with this Beetlejuice coffee mug

I have another drink container in mind for someone in your life whose favorite character from the beetle juice the cast is actually Lydia. This ceramic coffee mug holds up to 11 oz with one of the character’s best quotes (“I am weird and unusual myself”) on one side and a portrait of her on the other.

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Beetlejuice: the vinyl of the musical soundtrack

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Relive (or discover) Beetlejuice: the musical with the original vinyl soundtrack

beetle juice became such an influential figure in the cultural zeitgeist that he would later inspire a Tony-nominated Broadway hit with a number of supporters. Even if your friend or family member has never seen Beetlejuice: the musical, they won’t resist the original vinyl soundtrack, composed of songs by Eddie Perfect and recorded by the original cast.

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You might want to try and get these beetle juice gifts soon because, once gone, it will not be enough to pronounce their name three times to bring them back.


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