Gucci delves deeper into the metaverse and collaborates with SuperPlastic for the SupperGucci NFT collection


  • SupperGucci NFTs set to launch on February 1
  • The exclusive collection is born from the collaboration between Gucci and Superplatic
  • Gucci will also launch its e-commerce space called Gucci Vault

Italian luxury fashion house Gucci has delved further into the Metaverse, but this time it’s teamed up with Superplastic, a world-renowned brand known for its animated celebrities, vinyl toys and digital collectibles. , and launched SuperGucci – a new exclusive NFT brand, as well as the Gucci Vault, a new online experience space.

The previous year, several fashion houses and apparel companies dipped their toes into the NFT, or Non-Fungible Token, space.

SuperGucci, the exclusive collaboration, involves a triptych fall featuring NFTs, ceramic figurines and handpicked vintage Gucci pieces by the luxury fashion house’s creative director Alessandro Michele. SuperGucci is set to launch on February 1 alongside the CryptoJanky limited run which will include 10 NFTs.

Gucci collaborates with Superplastic Photo: YouTube Screenshot/Official Gucci YouTube Channel

There are also handcrafted ceramic sculptures designed with Gucci’s iconic symbols and patterns. To top it off, the designs were interpreted by virtual influencers Janky and Guggimon.

The 250-piece ceramic figurines as well as the NFTs are available on Gucci Vault and The first is an e-commerce site that offers refurbished pieces from previous Gucci collections.

NFT collectors and buyers will also receive an exclusive ceramic sculpture for each digital collectible. These ceramic sculptures were made by hand by the ceramists of the Italian fashion house.

In addition to this event, Gucci will also present its sixth launch of second-hand items. Those included in the used collection have been completely restored and numbered and received special packaging.

Gucci and Superplastic are also expected to promote the Gucci Vault. According to the luxury fashion house website, Gucci Vault is like an experimental zone that combines a historic digital vault with lab-like creativity.

Gucci’s latest offering in the Metaverse links the NFT drop to the sale of vintage items and shows the fashion house’s attempt to combine tradition with modern innovation.

Gucci’s latest attempt also underscores that incorporating new technology does not mean abandoning traditions or old approaches to marketing. Harnessing the NFT space is a brave and creative attempt by the company to improve the overall experience for its customers.

While many others are still indifferent or skeptical about NFTs, Gucci’s approach is unique. This involves the participation of artisans in making sculptures and shipping the product directly to NFT owners.

It’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time the designer brand has dabbled in NFT. In June 2021, she launched the Gucci Aria NFT, which fetched $25,000 at Sotheby’s. Dior, Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana and other regular competitors of the brand have also attempted NFT projects.

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