“Illegal” houses on the lands of the Department of Archeology of Tibba Singarwala in Punjab razed to the ground – Pakistan


TOBA TEK SINGH: A team from the district administration on Friday demolished dozens of houses illegally built for 50 years in Tibba Singarwala on land allocated to the Department of Archeology.

The land near Ravi was assigned to the department under the control of the Harappa Museum.

The operation was led by Deputy Commissioner Umer Javed and Deputy Commissioner Kamalia Irfan Hinjra.

The deputy director of the archeology department, Muhammad Hassan, said Dawn that 660 artefacts of a different nature had been discovered during excavations on the spot. These included terracotta objects such as large and small bowls; human mold; animal and human figurines; clay beads; iron objects; shell, glass and copper bracelets; and stone objects made from pestles and whetstones, he said. He claimed that the ceramic assembly of the laminate layers showed their utilitarian nature.

Despite several warnings to people who encroached on the land and built houses on the age-old mound of Kamalia (Tibba Singarwala), he said, they were not leaving the lands of the Archeology Department. He said Harappa Museum curator Ahmad Nawaz Tippu informed DC that 20 acres of land had been allocated to the Department of Archeology, which was in Kamalia tehsil’s 2008 income register, but the invaders falsely claimed they owned the land to last for decades.

Hassan further stated that the antiquities dating from the 4th to 16th centuries were discovered during the initial excavation of the mound by a team from the Archeology Department led by himself which began the excavations in 2010 and ended in 2011. He stated that Tibba Singarwala was 45 feet tall. surroundings and about 70 to 80 houses, including cattle pens, were built there without any approval.

Before starting the excavations, he said, notices were sent to the inhabitants of the mounds to leave the land under the Antiquities Act of 1975. He said that according to the ordinance of Supreme Court, DC were responsible for removing encroachments in and around any historic site or monument. indicated by the archaeological service of their respective neighborhoods.

He further said residents filed a lawsuit with a civilian judge in Toba asking for the department’s suspension, but their plea was dismissed due to the department’s documentary evidence. After the case was dismissed by the lower court, the district administration attempted to demolish the houses illegal under section 32/34 of the Settlement Act, but residents resisted on the grounds that it was an attempt to occupy their land. He said the land has now been preserved for further excavation.

Meanwhile, Kamalia human rights activist Tariq Imran condemned the demolition of the homes of the poor and said they were punished for failing to vote for the ruling party’s candidates in the last general election. He asked for alternative land for those affected by the operation.

CASES OF TORTURE: A Pirmahal police cell said on Friday it arrested four of 13 people who tortured a woman, her husband and a son at a market.

The woman complained in the FIR filed under Sections 354, 337, 148 and 149 of the CPP that her son and a vendor argued over the parking of a rickshaw at the grain market. The suspect, along with his 12 accomplices, injured them and tore his clothes, she said.

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