Jeopardy: Update on Amy Schneider’s Wins, How Much She Won

Kate Woomer-Deters, a legal services lawyer from Raleigh, North Carolina, competes on

Kate Woomer-Deters, a legal services attorney from Raleigh, North Carolina, competes on “Jeopardy!” on January 3, 2021. Pictured is host Ken Jennings.

Raleigh attorney Kate Woomer-Deters won a respectable $ 9,000 in the competition on “Jeopardy!” Monday evening.

But she was no match for Amy Schneider, who won $ 42,000 and extended her historic winning streak to another day.

Schneider won his 24th day of competition and has racked up nearly $ 1 million, winning $ 897,600 so far. She is the highest paid woman in game show as well as the woman with the most consecutive wins, reports The New York Times. She is also the first trans person to be eligible for the Jeopardy Tournament of Champions.

Woomer-Deters, a lawyer legal service at the North Carolina Justice Center, finished his game with 14 correct answers. This included a correct daily double and a correct response to the end danger. She bet $ 1,000 for her final danger question, bringing her total to $ 9,000 for the game.

But Schneider and his colleague Harsh Daga also answered the question about final danger correctly: “Los Angeles artist George Stanley sculpted this, first distributed at a private banquet on May 16, 1929.”

Answer: What is the Oscar statuette?

Schneider, entering the final round with $ 31,000, bet $ 11,000, bringing his total for Monday to $ 42,000.

Schneider, whose games started airing on November 17, continues to climb the “Jeopardy!” ” all time. list of winners, according to

She is currently fourth overall, behind Ken Jennings (# 1, $ 2,520,700), James Holzhauer (# 2, $ 2,462,216) and Matt Amodio (# 3, $ 1,518,601).

Jennings hosted Monday’s game and noted that Schneider had avoided a “Monday Supercham curse” that had befallen the previous big winners. (Emma Boettcher, who earned a master’s degree from UNC-Chapel Hill, toppled defending champion James Holzhauer on June 3, 2019, a Monday, and ended her 32-game winning streak.)

Daga came third overall with $ 6,200.

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