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After serving the Leon community for nearly 50 years and claiming the title of oldest business in town, Jewel Beaumont, owner of Jewel’s Ceramics and Gifts, will be closing the store for good in November. Started the ceramic business at just 36 years old on February 14, 1973 after visiting a friend’s shop between Aufusta and Leon. Beaumont enjoyed serving customers and making others smile over the years.

Originally located at the corner of Mechanic and Main Street at 101 N Main Street, Beaumont moved the store to the building it currently resides in at 202 N Main Street. Moving locations in 1987 was necessary due to the need for more space, creating 10-15 new figures per day. Running a small-town business for 50 years, however, hasn’t been easy. Long hours and constant work kept Beaumont’s reputation in working order. As busy as she was, Beaumont never hired any help except two painters for a year. Her greatest strength, she says, was adapting to customers and making them happy.

“I come when they can get here if they’re working late or something. I just ask them to call me and set a time. I have met so many wonderful people here and have grown attached to each one of them,” Beaumont said.

Meeting all these wonderful people has created memories for generations to come. Many people have memories of family members owning an original from Jewel’s Ceramics. These objects are passed on to younger generations who eventually want to recreate these objects and moments with their own children.

“When I started, there were so many young people saying that their grandmother or their mother had painted something similar and wanted their own. It made me feel good to have it,” said Beaumont.

Beaumont is not alone in acknowledging her hard work for the community. His dedication and the quality of his service allowed him to never have to pay for advertising, except to be in the telephone directory. All of the business she receives is either by word of mouth or by people finding her in the phone book.

“One of the reasons I think she was successful is because she was here every day she was scheduled to, never missing a day. She was consistent with her hours,” Beaumont daughter Jacque Smith said. “It was his business and his life.

She ran it like a business, not a hobby.

Jewel’s Ceramics and Gifts last day of operation will be November 23rd. Until then, you can find his ceramics at his shop in Leon or at the Bluestem Mercantile up the road. Thousands of figurines, painted, unpainted, fired and unfired and dozens of molds are waiting to be purchased. She will also sell the display cases inside the boutique. Jewel’s Ceramics is open Monday to Wednesday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

There will be a retirement party for Jewel Beaumont at the Leon Senior Center on November 13 for anyone interested in attending. The party will run from 1 to 4 p.m. and will be a round trip event. Beaumont even joked that it might be necessary to take a ceramic home with you.

“It’s just time to retire,” Beaumont said.

Jewel Beaumont stands in front of her store built by her late husband. Scan the QR code to see more works at Jewel’s Ceramics. Photo by Nikole Babb Festive Halloween figurines are still available at Jewel’s Ceramics. Photo by Nikole Babb

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