Judge dismisses Wisconsin challenge against quality student loan cancellations

(Jil Center Square) – Wisconsin’s challenge to President Biden’s student loan forgiveness program is dead for now.

A federal judge in Green Bay said Thursday that the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty and Brown County Taxpayers Association do not have standing to challenge the program.

“The federal courts lack jurisdiction to decide all legal questions that may arise,” Judge William Griesbach wrote in his ruling. “Plaintiff asserts that he has taxpayer status. However, the Supreme Court has repeatedly stated that “the payment of taxes is generally not sufficient to establish standing to challenge federal government action” .

WILL and the Taxpayers Association said in their lawsuit that President Biden exceeded his constitutional authority by ordering the forgiveness of $10,000 in student debt for most borrowers. People who received Pell grants will have $20,000 of their debt wiped out.

WILL and the Taxpayers Association also accused the Biden administration of introducing race into the cancellation agenda by tying loan forgiveness to closing the racial wealth gap.

WILL promises a call.

“This is an extraordinary case based on an extraordinary assertion of executive power by the president,” said WILL’s associate attorney Dan Lennington. “This case was always intended to be decided in higher courts, and we will pursue the fight all the way to the Court of Appeals and then the Supreme Court of the United States if necessary.”

WILL and the Taxpayers Association filed their lawsuit on Tuesday. They asked the judge for an immediate decision because the Biden administration could start canceling student loans any day.

There are, however, several other lawsuits in other states that also challenge the president’s plan. They are still pending.

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