Kate Winslet: The actress starred in a romance flick that few people saw and was nominated for an Oscar


To speak of Kate Winslet is to speak of an actress who sublimates each work in which she participates thanks to her extraordinary talent.. His presence on the screen imposes it since he surprises the world with Celestial creatures until his appearance in the big series Easttown mare. In this trajectory in the set, she has a film that has gone unnoticed by a lot of people, but it earned her an Oscar nomination for her performance. Is about Iris.

After playing Titanic, Winslet was slow to stop being labeled as the woman who conquered Leonardo Di Caprio in a maritime tragedy. Fortunately, it didn’t take long for this to happen. Thanks to the premiere of Feathers, the actress dazzled as Madeleine, a laundress attracted by the texts of the Marquis de Sade.

He later gained attention for playing reporter Bitsey Bloom in The life of David Gale, a film which marked the public and the critics, as much for the intrigue (the death penalty in Texas) as for the performances. However, between this film and Feathers, Winslet took part in Iris, one of the best love stories that has been adapted for film in the past 20 years.

There, the actress born in Reading, England, played the writer Iris Murdoch in her youth. With the worst haircut of all her filmography, in addition to a look worked to hide her natural beauty, Winslet designed a character with the intention of harnessing her acting abilities with a greater degree of complexity, especially since Judi Dench brought Iris Murdoch to life as an adult, so she had to have synchronicity. of the same level.

Kate was tasked with recreating Iris’ stage of growth as a writer and her courting with literary critic John Bailey, who had been her teacher and with whom she decided to spend the rest of her life. As Dench shows Murdoch’s deterioration from Alzheimer’s disease, Winslet goes through the lucidity that led her to consolidate herself as one of the most beautiful and widely read pens on deeply touching subjects such as than sexuality, freedom and love.

And it is precisely love that guides this film through the relationship between John and Iris. Far from what romantic comedies are, or productions that showcase this feeling with unreal situations, Iris He qualifies it by the dedication and tenderness that exists between two human beings who must overcome critical effects that test the heart, as is the case with Alzheimer’s disease.

Do you love her to the point of supporting her and wanting to see her succeed in her field? Are you able to be with this person you say you love until the unexpected and terrible moment of their deterioration? These reflective questions arise as a result of what the film tells, but also because of the force that Kate Winslet and Judi Dench impart to the central character in their different periods.

Another challenge that Winslet set for himself, he took on. Who? Make Judi Dench shine as the lead actress. The famous M of the 007 saga she was nominated for an Oscar for her performance, while Kate deserved the same honor in the Supporting Actress category, which was also a testament to Dench’s professionalism, who prepared his role to match it with Winslet quality.

Although she didn’t lift the statuette, Kate won more than she imagined. They started looking for her for projects with more intense and demanding roles. Just look at the career he has built to date!

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