Kissimmee loan officer charged with falsifying documents, bank fraud and identity theft

A loan officer is accused of a bizarre scheme to help homebuyers get bigger loans than they otherwise could have.

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She was working for a mortgage company in Kissimmee at the time and later started her own business.

Court records show she is also accused of impersonating judges.

According to the federal indictment, she is charged with fabricating forged divorce documents, including forging the signatures of 9th Judicial Circuit judges and forging forged child support documents to give the impression that borrowers had more money than they actually had.

Evelisse Hernandez was a loan officer working in Kissimmee; now she faces federal charges, bank fraud and aggravated identity theft.

Channel 9 stopped by her home in Osceola County, and it appears she looked outside, then immediately locked the door and apparently didn’t want to talk about the case.

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Federal prosecutors believe that while she was helping people get mortgages to buy homes, she was creating fake court documents, including marriage dissolution judgments.

They also allege that Hernandez fabricated false state documents showing the borrowers were receiving child support that they weren’t actually receiving.

Then she allegedly prepared loan applications with false information and falsified documents that would show borrowers were bringing in more money than they actually were.

In total, investigators believe she did this with more than 15 home loans and earned at least $130,000 over a year and a half from extra loan commissions.

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A borrower told Channel 9 he was a first-time home buyer and trusted Hernandez.

He was surprised when federal investigators told him that Hernandez had created false documents showing he was divorced and receiving child support.

He told Channel 9 that he had young children and feared losing his home because of his alleged actions.

Hernandez is on bail pending trial.

If convicted, she faces up to 30 years in prison for each count of bank fraud and an additional two years for the aggravated identity theft charges.

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