Leonardo DiCaprio has a new species of tree named after him

We’ll never see an Oscar winner as beautiful as a tree, but it’s close.

In 2016, Leonardo DiCaprio finally won the statuette for Best Actor at the Oscars thanks to his performance in “The Revenant” by Alejandro González Iñárritu. But for a renowned environmental activist like DiCaprio – one who said in his Oscar acceptance speech, “Climate change is real. This is happening right now. This is the most urgent threat our entire species faces ”- a recent honor could be even sweeter.

According to BBC.com, scientists at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, London, recently honored the ‘Titanic’ and ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ star for his work to save rainforests from the dangers of logging by donating his name to a tree.

“We believe he played a crucial role in stopping logging in the Ebo Forest,” Dr Martin Cheek told the BBC.

While the Ebo forest in Cameroon was threatened with exploitation in 2020, DiCaprio shared the problem with his millions of followers on social networks, writing: “Cameroon’s Ebo forest, and all the incredible animals that live there, are in trouble. This includes forest elephants, gorillas, chimpanzees, and many more. Let’s go help #SaveEboForest. “His messages added drive to campaign to save the relatively untouched rainforest in Central Africa. Plans to allow logging in the forest were subsequently canceled by the government.

Today, DiCaprio is the namesake of a recently discovered tree species that only grows in Ebo Forest. Officially named “Uvariopsis dicaprio”, the tree is on the list of “critically endangered species”. Part of the ylang-ylang family, the tropical evergreen tree has glossy yellow leaves.

In addition to his environmental activism, DiCaprio starred in Netflix’s late 2021 release “Don’t Look Up” as an astronomer who, along with a colleague played by Jennifer Lawrence, tries to convince the world to act quickly before he can. ‘a meteor does not destroy the planet. Adam McKay’s film proved to divide critics and audiences alike, but DiCaprio received strong reviews for his atypical turn, including during a lengthy “Network” -type speech that he rewrote 15 times, according to the writer-director Adam McKay. His advocacy for the environment has not been as successful in real life as it seems to have been in real life so far.

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