Machinarium sells the best video game merch ever


I don’t buy video game merchandise, and if I bought video game merchandise, I wouldn’t buy statues, and yet … my heart melts watching the new Machinarium merchandise. Amanita sells a limited series of bronze statuettes of the adorable junk robot star from the adventure game, Josef, and I love them. 405 grams of bronze might seem cold to hold, but I know it would warm my heart.

“Machinarium is an extraordinarily beautiful creation,” said John Walker (RPS at peace) in our Machinarium review in 2009. “It’s a kind of beauty that games are hardly ever honored.” It is very pretty. And the most beautiful of all is our special little boy, the junkyard robot Josef.

This little guy!

The Amanita merchandise store opened the pre-order for our boy’s € 249 (£ 210) cast bronze statuette. Standing four inches tall he strikes a cute pose because he can only be cute.

Only 199 of them will be sold, and each of them will come out a little different because of the way they’re made. They are handcrafted by Honza MoÅ¡tÄ›k, whose site has some photos of the source model if you are curious. They plan to start sending all Josefs by the end of March 2022. It will come in a wooden box as a precious treasure, which it is.

I’m not saying you should buy one. But if you buy one, you should hold this precious boy tight. Even though your body reacts with copper and turns your skin green. This green patch should be a badge of pride.

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