Mithila Details ‘Maya’ Dynamic First Look


Renowned actress and social activist Rafiath Rashid Mithila is set to make her debut in the Indian film industry with the film “Maya”. Directed by prominent Indian filmmaker Raajorshee De, the first preview of the film was released today.

The film will star Mithila as Lady Macbeth’s alter ego from William Shakespeare’s popular tragedy “Macbeth”, in the adaptation. The role, Maya, would be a combination of the play’s Wayward sisters and Lady Macbeth. The film presents a feminist twist in popular tragedy, this time focusing on Lady Macbeth’s point of view.

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Photos: courtesy

“I was involved in the film from the start,” says Mithila. “The director saw my work in advance and then approached me last year for the role.”

“Maya is the leader of a minority group and in her life she faces multiple struggles and oppressions,” says Mithila. “It was a very powerful role; there was a dark aspect with several layers and nuances unimaginable for the character.”

Mithila will be seen portraying the role of Maya in three different age dimensions: one as a teenage girl aged 17-18, another as a woman in her early 30s, and another as a female in her early thirties. as a woman in her early fifties.

According to Mithila, preparing for the role of a woman in her fifties was one of the most difficult aspects of the film. “I had to figure out what kind of looks, outfit or body language went well with the character; what kind of voiceover should I do or how to convey the dialogue was hard to understand,” Mithila shares.

“I used to transform myself completely into my role in the set, even before my shoot; I experimented with little features myself to make the character more realistic,” she adds. “During some scenes, I spontaneously added specific attributes to my character and it suited the role and age I was playing perfectly.”

“The proudest moment on set was when after a critical scene, the director’s team and the director of photography applauded me for my performance. They told me I delivered exactly what I wanted. ‘they expected from me,’ says Mithila.

When asked what she liked most about her character, Mithila said, “The character was determined, a person who doesn’t compromise when it comes to achieving her goals. She can easily be influenced. the others around her and this is Maya’s strongest attribute. “

According to Mithila, the adaptation is not the perfect account of the tragedy, but rather a refreshing take from Lady Macbeth’s perspective. Those unfamiliar with popular tragedy might find the film a stimulating story of a feminist leader.

Even though this is Mithila’s debut in the West Bengal film world, she had a comfortable filming experience. “Even though I had never worked with any of them before and everything was completely new to me, I felt at home with them,” says Mithila.

“I was impressed by the efficiency of the whole team; From the manager to all the other team members, everyone was very dedicated, prepared and efficient, ”says Mithila. “As we were on a tight schedule, everyone fully committed to the time restrictions, making the shoot comfortable and effortless.”

Mithila talks a lot about the director and the other crew members: “The director is a very disciplined person; he was also friendly and caring. Raajorshee De guided me in the right direction and inspired me a lot throughout the shoot, ”adds Mithila. “The six assistant directors and cinematographer Indranath Marick are all extremely talented and have done an absolutely outstanding job.”

“Kamaleshwar Mukherjee and my other fellow actors are all big names in the industry, but the positive vibe they emitted throughout filming was a profound experience for me,” says Mithila. “Sudipta Chakraborty and all of the other co-actors were extremely helpful and friendly.”

“As the first film in the Indian film industry, this was exactly what I was looking for,” says Mithila. “It had everything I wanted, a female-centric movie with multiple layers to the character. It was an amazing learning experience.”

Filming for the film began on July 12 at a Rajbari in Bali, Howrah, and then continued in Kolkata. After a tight seventeen-day schedule, filming ended on July 28. The release date has not yet been announced.

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