Monster Hunter Rise Lava Cave Relics Guide


The Lava Caverns is the last big area in Monster Hunter Rise, and it’s packed with hiding places for the game’s Relic Records.

Relic Records are a new device for transmitting traditions in Monster Hunter Rise. They are scattered throughout the game and include knowledge about each area they are in, its monsters, and its factions or people. To augment and other Monster hunter Games. However, they are all hidden and some can be quite difficult to find.

Knowledge is not the only thing to be gained by finding these relics. By finding all 10 in each area, players will be rewarded with decorations for their hunter’s house by Kagero the Merchant, located in the heart of Kamura village. The decorations to recover all the relics of the lava caves are Rakna-Kadaki and Aknosom statuettes. Here’s how to find them all.

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Lava Caverns Message 1

From the first story post for that location, you’ll find the first relic not far from the main camp. Before you go through the crawl space to area one, there is a stone archway with pillars at the top on either side. Go up to the left, only halfway, to find the first Relic Record.

Message two of the lava caverns

A relic hiding in a tree in the lava caverns

The second relic can be easy to miss, especially if there are monsters nearby. In area two, there is a lonely tree that can be destroyed by monster attacks. Climb up the tree and follow its southeast branch to find this Relic Record.

Message three from the lava caverns

Hidden in plain sight on a mountain of fire

Relic Record Three is located just south of Zone Seven at the top of the mountain. The easiest way to reach it is to come from Subcamp 2 and use a Wirebug to go through the huge hole to the east, which descends to the caverns below. Otherwise, you will be trekking up the mountain. Walk past sending sprigs, colorful bushes containing Spiribirds, to a cliff with a large boulder in front of it. This relic is located on a ledge just to the north.

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Message four of the lava caverns

Relic stash in the lava caverns

This Relic Record is located in the part of the lava-filled cave north of area 13. Along the path between areas 13 and 14, just before area 14, is an area where players can drop down. ‘a side. There are climbable pillars, and climbing to the top of the highest one will get you the relics record.

Lava Caverns Message Five

Relic Hideout in the Heart of the Lava Cavern

This next Relic Record is not far from the last. In area 14 there is a small upper part of the cave which can be reached in two ways. The former requires a bit of skill with the Wirebug. There is a pillar near the entrance leading to area 13. Climb to the top and jump, then Wirebug to climb up the ledge of the platform. The second way is to Wirebug from the top, outside the caves. Go up the mountain until near zone 14 and you will find an opening to go down. The ledge will be directly in front of and just below. Wirebug on it; at the back is this relic.

Message Six of the Lava Caverns

Relic hidden near a Royal Ludroth location

The sixth record for relics is located south of area eight on the cliffs. There is a large two-level platform, sending strands and a pillar nearby. Go up to the pillar to find this relic disc.

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Lava Caverns Message Seven

A relic hidden in a very delicate place

Relic Record Number Seven is located just north of Area 12 and is very well hidden. Head to the caves in area 13 and descend to where the first climbing vines are. Turn left and look at the stone wall just next to the lava cracked part. Above is a barely noticeable hiding place. Wirebug and go up to this nook to get this relic.

Lava Caverns Message Eight

A relic hiding place on the edge of a cliff

This relic can be found in the far right corner on the upper level of area six. Go up or head to the northern part of area six via subcamp two. When you stumble upon Sending Sprigs, you’ve come to the right place. Head south of the bushes, being careful not to slip into the water below. Just before the fall is this Relic Record on the right by some protruding stones.

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Message nine from the lava caverns

Instead of a troll, it's a relic under the bridge

Relic Record number nine is just south of subcamp two on the mountain. If you don’t already have it, the relic location is between areas three and nine. Head to the breach above the caverns and along it you should see a broken stone bridge. Underneath the east side is where the relic hides.

Lava Caverns Message 10

A relic hides in the ruins of a cave

The last relic is located south of area nine inside a cave. There are two entrances: one is from zone nine and the other is from zone one. From area nine, head south where you will see three lava falls and to the left of it on the wall is an entrance. From the first area, go up the wall directly to the north and you will see some ruins. There are southern stairs that lead directly into the cave, partially hidden by a stone slab. Inside you will see a broken staircase to nowhere. The relic is on the left near the rubble stone wall.

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