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Monster Hunter Rise’s Relics of Unleashed are the most difficult to complete as they are spread across all locations, but they are essential for any completion.

The archives of relics are scattered everywhere Monster Hunter Rise and contain messages about the area, monsters, and even faction lore. While most of them are contained in each of the game’s locale, there is a set spread across each of them. The Rampage Relics contain specific information about the Rampage and the two ancient dragons in the middle, but finding them is no easy task.

Relic Records reward the player for finding them all with statuettes of monsters found in each area, including the scattered Rampage Relics. They also count as a guild card trophy for finding each relic in the game. For collecting them all, Kagero the merchant located in the main area of ​​Kamura village, will reward you with statuettes of Wind Serpent Ibushi and Thunder Serpent Narwa . If you’ve gotten the rest of the collection so far, you might as well complete it for this in-game achievement.

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Rampage message one

In the order of the messages themselves, the first record of relics can be found in the ruins of the shrine to the right of the mountain and cliffs in area 5. As you go up, you will see various wooden structures, one of which is a wooden bridge facing zone 4. Just east of it, higher up, is a wooden building. Climb on it and follow its balcony to the side where the bridge is visible. The relic is waiting around the corner.

Rampage message two

A relic near a Felyne camp

The second record of relics is also found in the ruins of the shrine and not far from the last. Follow the mountains to the east or head to the ones on the corner of area 3. At the top is a Felyne camp and tall trees sticking out of the cliff to the east. Climb the one behind the statue of Felyne and follow it to the end to reach this relic.

Rampage Three Message

A relic hidden in the heights of the Frost Islands

The next two Relic Records are located in the Frost Islands. This third is located on a mountain peak just north of area 6. Climb the northeast cliffs and head to the leaner part of the path between areas 6 and 9. Wirebug through the ditch to a cliff on the other side, but make sure you land there as you can’t climb the ice. You will find the relic near the frozen tree.

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Rampage Message Four

A relic accessible only through Wirebug

Rampage Relic four is this time west of Area 6, on top of a harder to reach mountain. Head south to area 6 and climb the cliff on the west side of the leaner part of the path. Follow the path just north of a few send strands, colorful bushes containing Spiribirds, and continue in that direction behind the mountain. You will meet a Great Wirebug, which will pull you to the top of a mountain, where you will find the fourth Relic Record.

Rampage Five Message

A relic hidden by the flooded forest pyramid

Relic Records 5 and 6 will take us to the Flooded Forest, and that first one is in area 2, next to the pyramid. Go up the stairs to where the Great Wirebug is on the first platform and walk right past it, letting your Hunter fall into a small area with a tree. Relic Record 5 will be waiting nearby.

Rampage Six Message

A cave hidden in the flooded forest

The sixth Relic Record is located in the southern part of Zone 7, hidden away. Stand on the eastern cliffs of the area and face the wall to the south. Between two trees hides a small cave. Wirebug and climb on it, where you’ll find the relic hidden inside with a few mining nodes.

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Rampage Message Seven

One of the many caves in the sand plains

The next two Relic Records are located in the Sandy Plains. Rampage Relic 7 can be found here in the lower part of Area 7. First, head to Area 11 and descend. If you landed in the muddy area, go up to the upper part just south and continue towards the wall. Right after a Great Wirebug, you will find a small crack in the wall that you can enter to find this relic.

Rampage Message Eight

A relic hidden above a main camp

Relic Record 8 is located just above the main camp. You’ll notice it’s under a rock overhang, so climb it just north to the top. Head back south to the camp where you will meet some trees. The southernmost will have the relic sitting next to it.

Rampage Message Nine

A relic hidden above the water of the lava caverns

The last two relics of Rampage can be found in the lava caverns. Relic number 9 is located on the upper level of area 3. It is easier to reach by heading east from Subcamp 2; otherwise you will have to climb the southern cliffs of area 3. There is one jutting out just below the upper mountain area that is visible from the ground or can be dropped from them. On its edge is the relic.

Rampage Message Ten

The heart of the volcano in the lava caverns

The last Rampage Relic (and in general if you’ve collected them all) is in a hard-to-reach location in the heart of the volcano. First, you will need to head to the caverns and reach area 11. From there head east into the lava part and just past the vines along the north wall is a hidden cave, at side of a small lava flow. Crawl in and climb up the back ledge, then face east. Looking up you will see another cave hidden in the wall, accessible by climbing. Head to the heart of the volcano and follow the path to the left to find the last relic.

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