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November 8, 2022

Kate Mothes

“BADU” and “Finch” in collaboration with Jason Siegel. All images © Spencer Hansen, shared with permission

Leggy creatures wear otherworldly masks in the sculptures of Balinese artist Spencer Hansen, whose work explores identity and connection through a cast of eerie characters. Using mostly natural, found and recycled materials like wood, metal, bone, plant fibers and ceramics, he draws inspiration from the environment and frequent travel. Originally from Idaho, he moved to Bali where he built a workshop that houses studios and workspace for a team of skilled artisans who help bring the pieces to life.

Alongside his business partner Shayne Maratea, with whom he founded independent clothing and art company BLAMO, Hansen often collaborates with artists and photographers to merge sculpture and performance. Intended to inspire curiosity and play, the figures are sculpted and assembled in a variety of scales, from toy-like figures to life-size costumes, with mysterious faces that look like shamanic masks.

Hansen has a solo exhibition opening in December at the Spencer Lynne Galleries in Dallas, and you can find more of her work on her website and Instagram.

A sculpture by Spencer Hansen of a bat-shaped mask.


A sculpture by Spencer Hansen of a fuzzy suit with a faceless metallic mask.

“Eternal Embrace” collaboration with Naomi Samara. Costume worn by Aleph Geddis. Hands: Naomi Samara, Chantal Ka and Shayne Maratea

Two sculptural figures by Spencer Hansen.

Left: “EQUUS”. Right: “Tikus”

A group of abstract and figurative wood sculptures by Spencer Hansen.

Two masks sculpted by Spencer Hansen.

Left: Head of “LELA”. Right: “M11 Topeng Barat”

Artist Spencer Hansen standing next to a life-size sculpture with a bat-shaped mask, all in white.

” THE, THE “

Three wooden sculptures in the shape of a mask by Spencer Hansen.

“M11”, “M12” and “M13”

A group of ceramic sculptures by Spencer Hansen in progress with sculpting materials.

#ceramics #clothing #masks #metal #sculpture #Spencer Hansen #textile #wood

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