Nightmares Film Festival reveals its 2021 lineup


In less than a month, Nightmare Film Festival will come back to Gateway Film Center in Columbus, Ohio. This will mark the festival’s sixth year of glorious existence and its fifth year as an in-person destination event. What delicacies does this year’s lineup contain? I’m glad you asked.

Programming of the Nightmare film festival

Of 21st of Octoberst at 24, NFF 2021 will launch at least 18 feature films and over 125 shorts that span a myriad of genres (horror, thriller, documentary, horror comedy, midnight madness, etc.). Said features include Jason Wayne Trost FP 3: Escape from Bako, the extreme horror anthology created by women FUKT, trans writer / director Jane Schoenbrun’s We all go to the World’s Fair, the North American premiere of the Irish thriller Save me from everything, the world premiere of the female-directed pandemic thriller Pepper pot, the new anthology of Lucio Rojas, former NFF APPLICATIONS, and a gorgeous new 4K restoration of Joe Dante’s werewolf classic, The howling!

This year’s Nightmares include the return of “Midnight Mind Fuck,” one of the festival’s best-known traditions. It has been hailed by The Film Coterie as “one of the most dangerous and difficult programming blocks of all festivals”. 2021 Spirit Founders Include Northern US Premiere Masking threshold, which has been described as an “intense and disorienting descent into madness.” There will also be a unique 35mm screening… with live orchestral score… of director James Quinn’s “unsettling” ivory wave, Flesh of the Void, on a man with bath salts. Not enough? I am okay! There will also be a live recording of the award-winning film. Fear club podcast, as well as the festival’s excellent annual panels, Social progress through horror and The new distribution, which will include the participation of distributors and studios.

Nightmares also named the finalists for its short and feature film competitions. These lucky screenwriters will connect with filmmakers during the festival to explore the possible production of their scripts.

All selected films and competitive scenarios will compete for a coveted Night Mare statuette, depicting the genre’s dark horses. Famous toy and figure designer Tony Simione sculpted and painted the Night Mare.

For the Sleepless of you who are planning to make the trip to NFF this year, some passes are always available, although they are still selling. So if you want to make the pilgrimage this year, go for it! For more details on this year’s program, be sure to check out the official site.

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Do you plan to attend this year? If so, what are you most excited to see? Characteristics? The shorts? Contact me on Twitter @schlocketeer! Give me your opinion, whether it’s NFF 2021, horror, or just movies in general!

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