No one seems to know what’s going on with this abandoned storefront in Toronto

A visit to a seemingly abandoned storefront in Toronto gave me more questions than answers.

Tucked away on the corner of Dufferin and Armstrong, it looks like some sort of storefront has been closed and sealed off, offering a mysterious bargain to those who pass by.

Shelves line the never-opened store with trinkets, chachkis, trinkets and pom-poms, while a bicycle, clothes racks, teapots and a hingeless door clutter the interior.

Half of the storefront has a wooden plank covering a window and there is no visible address printed on the front door.

It seems like space is some sort of storage locker, the new home for things that haven’t been touched in ages and are living in the dust.

toronto abandoned storeA side window features two shelves of antique shoes and numerous porcelain figurines. Maybe it was a gift shop and cobbler mashup?

Trying to locate the owners, I turn to the neighbor for clues, the closed unisex hair and beauty salon.

This old store has an address of 1184 Dufferin Street, so I’m guessing the mystery store is 1186, which Google Maps confirms.

toronto abandoned store
Having this address appear in the Ontario Land Registry gives me no leads while searching on Google also gives me a big hit.

A search for “Dufferin Armstrong abandoned store” brings up a blog entry from 2015 in which the author states that the store has been closed since they lived in the neighborhood.

toronto abandoned storeSo it’s been a long-running mystery, giving me more questions than answers.

Does anyone know who or what this place was? And what happens now? By any chance, is the purple sweater inside available for purchase? – Ask a friend.

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