Platinum Awards: El Reino elected “best series” and Joaquín Furriel, best actor in a supporting role

With six nominations, an excellent night was already expected for The kingdom in the IX Platinum Award held in Madrid. The Argentinian Netflix miniseries became one of the big winners and took home three awards. Including one of the most coveted: that of “Best Ibero-American Cinematic Miniseries or Television Series”.

The other statuettes that this production received, which show the miseries hidden by an evangelical pastor who throws himself into partisan politics, went to the writer Claudia Piñeiro and filmmaker Marcelo Piñeyro as “Creators of Ibero-American cinematic miniseries or teleseries” and for the actr Joaquin Furriel as “Best Male Performance in a Supporting Role”.

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Instead, the series was not crowned in three other categories: Actor interpretation (Chino Darín); Female interpretation (Mercedes Morán); and Supporting female interpretation (Nancy Duplaá).

“We want to give this award to the public who not only had fun, but then came out to discuss, in the streets and at home, the issues that ‘El Reino’ touches.: who sends us, why sends us; why ultra-conservative parties join with churches to curb women’s rights and dissent; who are the intelligence services and for whom do they work; why there are still so many abused children in religious institutions,” Claudia Piñeiro listed when she received her award.

Another winner was Karnawala co-production between Argentina and Chile, directed by Juan Pablo Féliz, who won in the category “Best first film”. In addition, for his role in this film, Alfredo Castro won the statuette for best actor in a supporting role.


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