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Over a period of several years, including the years of World War II, the Moodys found and lost investors. Then, according to the book, “[Less Moody] was encouraged by John W. Fox of Duke Power Company to present his ideas to Hickory, the North Carolina Chamber of Commerce. There, Moody’s proposal received an enthusiastic response.

With investors eager to participate, Hyalyn Porcelain, Inc. was born. Again in the book, “Hyalyn’s name comes from” hyaline “, which means” to have a glassy or translucent appearance “.

Also in the book, Hyalyn Porcelain President Lee Frans stated that “Hyalyn Porcelain, Inc. has maintained permanent exhibits in shopping malls in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Dallas.

Less and Frances Moody really put Hickory on the map.

So now Steve, the plains man turned mountain dweller, knows more about Hyalyn Porcelain than anyone else.

“What surprised me,” said Steve, “was the caliber of the designers who created the porcelain lines produced by Hyalyn. The“ wows. ”Hyalyn is renowned for its high quality porcelain productions. convinced the designers that their work was produced satisfactorily.

Hyalyn Porcelain was sold to Hamilton Cosco in 1973.

If only for the 425 images in the book, including a plethora of photographs of Steve, “Hyalyn: America’s Finest Porcelain” is worth owning. For longtime residents of Catawba Valley, the story behind the once thriving pottery factory will make sense. Finally, for those interested in ceramic engineering and design, the book offers behind-the-scenes details of famous designers from years past.


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