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Members of the group Green Day pose with Danny O’Connor (left) of the Outsiders House Museum during a Monday visit to the museum. Courtesy of Danny O’Connor

Courtesy of Danny O’Connor

Green Day’s surprise visit to Tulsa included a Monday visit to the Outsiders House Museum.

It was announced Monday morning that Green Day, a Rock & Roll Hall of Fame band soon to name a new Dallas-area tour, will perform on Tuesday night at Tulsa’s historic Cain’s Ballroom.

Tickets flew out quickly. The show was considered sold out less than approximately 45 minutes after tickets went on sale.

With time to burn in Tulsa before Tuesday’s show, what did the Green Day band members do? They visited an attraction that has become a hot spot for celebrity visits (Leonardo DiCaprio recently appeared at the Outsiders House Museum).

On Monday night, Danny O’Connor and Donnie Rich posted photos from Green Day to the Outsiders House Museum. It is a museum dedicated to “The Outsiders”, a 1983 film which helped launch the careers of a large number of young actors, and the book SE Hinton which inspired the film. The house that became a museum was a filming site during the making of “The Outsiders”, serving as a home for a “fatter” family.

The Outsiders House, which has been open to the public on weekends, will be open 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Friday through Sunday this week. O’Connor said the museum opens to the public on a Friday for the first time. Admission is $ 10 per person and “future lubricators” under 6 years old will be admitted free.


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