rugs: Keep your home ready 24/7 with these interior decorating tips



The holiday season is fast approaching, as is the buzz for interior design. It’s that time of year when we all feel like spicing things up around our space as we give our homes a whole new makeover.

From decor to lighting, we make sure everything is imbued with the festive fervor as we look forward to a happy start. While it all sounds very exciting, decorating your home before festivals can sometimes become more exhausting than exciting. Lokendra Singh Ranawat Founder and CEO of a Furniture Company shares some super easy and useful interior decorating tips,

1. Start with lighting from string bulbs to light strips, it’s time to break out all your lighting options. Furnishing your space with bright lighting is one of the simplest interior decorating techniques. You can also invest in good LED bulbs and lights as they will last a long time and you won’t have to look for replacements every year.

2. Don’t forget the furniture apart from the deep cleaning of the house, rearrange your furniture to give a new look to your apartment. As festivals are a great time of year, it’s also a good time to buy new sofas or tables. Bring in some modern wooden items and see them instantly transform your space.

3. Say hello to colors It’s time to showcase your space with a few pops of vibrant color here and there. This home decor hack is great for people on a budget. Shop for fancy pillow covers, beautifully woven rugs, and stylish sofa throws to give your space a fully decorated look for the party vibe.

4. Make the corners speak by remodeling our apartments, we often neglect the walls and corners. You will be surprised at how little detail in these areas can do wonders for the overall decor of the home. To keep the festive mood flourishing, you can purchase spiritual or religious items. Explore more options and invest in figurines and paintings that resonate with the aesthetic of your home.

5. Treat the Guests As the holiday season begins, visitors start to show up from time to time. Make a good impression with stunning melamine and ceramic sets when your visitors enter. Serve them in trendy dinnerware sets to give them a taste of your home decor taste.

Decorating your home for festivals is not rocket science. You just need to be a little patient, make the right choices, and invest in evergreen rooms for your home. You will see how easily things fall into place and you will be ready to enjoy the celebrations.


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