Sean Penn’s Oscar Statuette: Sean Penn presents his Oscar statuette to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy

Sean Penn showed his support for President Zelensky by gifting him his Oscar statuette. The event was posted on Instagram, where Penn can be seen giving the president his Oscar statuette. It was a way for Penn to show that he stood in solidarity with all Ukrainians. Sean Penn fans found it an act of great courage.

Presenting the statuette to President Zelensky, Sean said, “It’s a silly symbol, but I feel strong if he’s here.” Penn asked the President of Ukraine to bring the statuette back to Malibu when Ukraine records a victory in the war.

F1’s silly season starts with Piastri fiasco

Piastri announced

Alpine F1 announced longtime academy driver Oscar Piastri as one of its drivers for the 2023 season on Tuesday, only to be pushed back by the driver. The Australian F2 champion later tweeted that he had not signed, throwing the driver market into chaos.

President Zelenskyy recognized this symbol of strength from Sean Penn with the utmost respect. “He has given constant support to Ukraine with everything he has since he visited us in the capital,” Zelenskky said in his speech.

Paul, who is shooting a documentary in Ukraine and has been there twice before, hopes to cement his country’s bond with the Ukrainian people. Penn also holds his country’s Order of Merit for strengthening relations with Ukraine.

Moreover, this wonderful intention will support the territorial integrity of his country while promoting the country through his efforts.

Known for his commanding screen presence and acting, Sean Penn has been nominated for 5 Oscars (and we hope there will be more nominations in the future!). He won Oscars for his superb performances in The Mystic River (2003) and Milk (2008). In fact, the scene where he had to deliver a monologue to his deceased daughter (played by Emily Rossum) in the movie The Mystic River, had to be shot over and over again. Because every time Sean spoke, Emily ended up crying. Such was his performance. A well-deserved Oscar. And now given for a well-deserved cause!

Sean Penn was banned by the Russian government earlier for supporting Ukraine in this war.


When did Russian troops invade Ukraine?
Since 2021, there have been bilateral issues between the two countries. These tensions escalated and Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, 2022.

Who won the Russian-Ukrainian war?
The war is not over yet.

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