Sniper Elite 5 Stolen Antiques Locations Guide: How to Collect

Sniper Elite 5 is full of collectibles for players to find, including stolen antiques. These hidden objects are an optional objective in the game’s second mission, Occupied Residence. In this guide, I will tell you how to recover stolen antiques.

Where To Find Stolen Sniper Elite 5 Antiques

It is possible to complete the mission without finding the three stolen antiquities. However, if the player wants to get three stars in the mission, he will have to find all the stolen antiquities. Below is the list of stolen antiques:

  • group statue
  • Statuette of the old man
  • Statuette of a soldier

Slot #1 (Soldier Statue)

The Soldier Statuette is an antique found on an enemy sniper. It is in a building on the northeast side of the courtyard of the castle grounds. There are a lot of enemy soldiers in this area, but it is still possible to sneak past. It is possible to enter openly or sneak through the guards and kill the sniper silently. After killing him, you need to search Stolen Antique on the sniper’s body.

Slot #2 (Group Statue)

The castle grounds are home to many priceless antiquities, but three, in particular, have been stolen and hidden. One of these objects is called the “group statue”, which is on the second floor of the estate. Please enter the first open room on your right when you reach the top of the stairs to access it. Inside you will find a soldier guarding a wooden chest. Kill the soldier and open the chest to find your prize. Of course, you’ll need a bolt cutter or a pick to unlock it, but you’ll find a group statue inside.

Slot #3 (Old Man Statuette)

The Old Man Statuette is a valuable antique kept in a safe inside the castle grounds. You will need to find the code to open the safe to reach the statue. On the left side of the stairwell leading to the first floor, you will find a room with a message on it. Inside this room there is a document on a table that you need to pick up. The safe combination was written here. Abelard Moller’s office is just behind the stairs to the first floor.

Leaving the office, turn right and enter the first open room on the left. Continue on the right side of this room until you reach the bedroom. On the left wall, next to the bed, you will see a painting of a woman without a hat.

If you interact with this painting, your character will remove it and expose a safe hiding place. If you had acquired the paper earlier, the safe would have already been opened. Otherwise, you can use a satchel to blow it up. Here you will find your old man statuette.

That’s all you need to know to find all Stolen Antiques locations.

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