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Legends of the Hidden Temple is a reboot of the 1993-95 Nickelodeon game show, but this time around the contestants are adults instead of children. Led by Cristela Alonzo, four teams of two (friends, colleagues, parents) take on four challenges to try to reach the Hidden Temple. If they find the hidden treasure in that temple and bring it back at the start of this round, the winning team will win $ 25,000.

Opening shot: A gong bangs, and we see scenes from the first episode as contestants make their way through plant life.

The essential: As with the previous version, a stone figure named Olmec (Dee Bradley Baker) talks about the story of the challenge of the week and also determines whether the answers given by the contestants are correct or not. At the end of each round, the team which arrives last is eliminated; ultimately a team plays for the grand prize.

The first round – The Moat – is a physical challenge that takes place in a shallow pond that teams have to cross through challenges like knocking a clay bird off a pedestal. The next round – Stages of Knowledge – is a simple question-and-answer round where teams move through the stages with the correct answers. In the third round – The Temple Games – the two remaining teams complete two physical challenges in order to earn a “Pendant of Life”.

The first team with two pendants move on to the final round, The Temple Run, where they face multiple rooms and challenges in order to find the hidden treasure. The team receives $ 2,500 just for going this far, $ 10,000 if they collect the treasure within the time limit, and $ 25,000 if they return it to the starting point before the time runs out.

Legends of the Hidden Temple
Photo: Adam Rose / The CW

What shows will this remind you of? The original version of Legends of the Hidden Temple, sure, but the physical challenges are not that different from what you see in the MTV series The challenge. Given that Nick and MTV are longtime corporate cousins, it would make sense that Templethe format of has been adapted to The challenge at one point.

Our opinion : Is it weird to see a children’s game show suitable for adults? May be. But in the case of Legends of the Hidden Temple, it looks more like a tribute than anything else. The idea is that these contestants – two party friends from the NJ, two “fathers of metal,” two glam buddies, and two generic white roommates – used to watch the show at one point or another; reruns aired on one Nick channel or another until 2007.

What we liked about the series is the fact that the producers haven’t tried to improve the series for the 2020s. The only real change is that the sets are outside in the sun instead of. ‘being on a soundstage, which – let’s be honest – makes the show a lot more visually appealing. Oh, and there are four teams instead of six, which helps to simplify the format. Otherwise, the t-shirts with the animal team symbols on them are the same, the accessories are just as fake … even the consolation prizes are in the same vein (a bundle of loot, a scooter, the t- shirts themselves).

The contestants are playing, of course, and Alonzo is an enthusiastic host. She was also a fan of the show, and it shows in her jokes with Olmec and in the way she interacts with the contestants. All in an effort to replicate the vibe of a show that many millennials grew up watching and translate it into a prime-time series. And in this regard, it works very well.

What age group is it aimed at? : Despite the adult competitors, Legends of the Hidden Temple is certainly suitable for all ages.

Starting shot: Will the final team complete the Temple Run on time? Alonzo asks Olmec if he’s ready to get out of here. “Oh yeah, just give me a minute to pull my head off.” “

Sleeper Star: Baker is the only carryover from the original release, and his presence brings a sense of continuity to the series.

Most pilot line: Like most game show pilots, there are plenty of Alonzo voiceover tracks explaining the game, and also to cover up the loud recordings of his voice while filming. Hopefully the process improves as the series progresses.

Our call: Stream it. If you were a fan of the original Legends of the Hidden Temple, this restart will bring back fond memories. But even if you weren’t (we were adults when the series came out), it’s still a light and fun watch that completely leans into its awkwardness.

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