The 10 Best Simpsons Treehouse Of Horror Parodies, Ranked

The simpsons is one of the longest running animated sitcoms of all time. Fans are treated to an annual Halloween special with three terrifying and entertaining stories each year. Many The simpsons fans love Horror Treehouse episodes and usually watch them during the spooky season.

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The show is now in its 34th season, and over the years dozens of twisty tales have been brought to life. The simpsons universe. Each segment of Treehouse of Horror tells a chilling story, and many are based on some of the world’s most renowned horror classics. Some of them stand out from the rest and are the best horror parodies offered by the animated sitcom.

10/10 ‘Unnormal Activity’ is based on one of the best horror films of this century

In “Unnormal Activity”, Homer gets a camcorder to capture the weird things that start happening in the dead of night. The bald protagonist records Marge and himself sleeping in the bedroom, and after the first night Homer insists on setting up several cameras around the house.

Just like in the paranormal activity movies, the audience watches the majority of the creepy parody from the camera’s perspective, and time flies by until something unexplained happens. Ultimately, it is revealed that Marge is responsible for the mysterious mishaps after making a deal with the devil as a child. The parody is based on one of the best horror movies of the 21st century and made Treehouse Of Horror history.

9/10 Flanders is the antagonist of a scary segment

The first part of the spooky-themed 10th episode is titled “I know what you did lazily-lazily-. When the Simpson family are driving through the foggy night, Marge hits something, which turns out to be their jolly neighbor, Ned Flanders Instead of reporting him to the police, they cover up his death.

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It soon becomes apparent that someone witnessed the murder and a hook-wielding villain begins to stalk them. The segment is based on the 1997 film I know what you spent the summer, and the parody is a perfect example of a Simpsons-style horror parody. There are plenty of jokes throughout the spooky segment, and the story even incorporates another beastly tale.

8/10 ‘The Exor-Sis’ is a parody of one of the scariest movies

“The Exor-Sis” is the opening tale of Treehouse of Horror XXVIII. Homer mistakenly orders a sculpture of Pazuzu from Amazon, and Maggie becomes possessed by the demonic statuette. The bewitched baby then invites himself to the Simpson family’s cocktail party, and the spirit of Pazuzu frightens the guests.

That’s when the exorcist arrives and tries to rid Maggie of the demon. It’s quite obvious that the terrifying tale is based on the iconic horror film The Exorcist, considered by many to be the scariest movie ever made. That’s why the parody is one of the series creator’s best works.

7/10 ‘Dead Ringer’ is based on a beloved horror classic

In Treehouse of Horror XXXII, the “Dead Ringer” segment is a parody of the famous horror movie the ring. Instead of a cursed videotape, there’s a video on TikTok circulating around the school, and just like the classic horror movie, those who watch it have seven days to live.

When Lisa works up the courage to watch the haunted TikTok video, she answers the ringing phone and confronts the caller. She bravely calls the murderer a coward and demands that she be killed immediately. It was then that the emblematic scene of the ring is reproduced in the Simpsons’ house and the creepy girl comes out of the TV screen. As cliché as it sounds, it’s a modern take on a beloved horror classic.

6/10 An evil Krusty Doll attempts to murder Homer

In “Clown Without Pity”, Homer forgets to buy Bart a birthday present. He quickly heads downtown and stumbles upon a store called “House of Evil” containing forbidden items from places men are afraid to tread. However, he finds a talking Krusty doll and Bart is extremely pleased with his gift.

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A few days later, the toy makes numerous attempts on Homer’s life. It looks a lot like the 1988 slasher movie Child’s play, where the serial killer’s antagonist is a lifelike doll named Chucky. The iconic scary movie influenced the opening story of the Treehouse Of Horror episode and is among the best horror parodies in the series.

5/10 “Not It” is a single episode of Treehouse Of Horror

by Stephen King The novels influenced several short stories in Treehouse of Horror episodes. The final season features a chilling episode titled “Not It”, based on King’s famous horror story. Krusty plays the monstrous clown who terrorizes the town of Kingfield and preys on the fears of its young citizens.

There are two parts to the creepy parody. The first sees Homer and his friends having their worst nightmares as preteens. In part two, they return as adults to overcome their horrors and attempt to save modern-day youth. This has been parodied in multiple mediums, and it was about time The simpsons’ creators have jumped on the bandwagon. There’s no doubt that one of the most famous horror stories will end up being simpsonized, and as a result, Treehouse of Horror’s single episode is among the best parodies of the series.

4/10 Frankenstein influenced an early segment of Treehouse Of Horror

One of the first tales in an episode of Treehouse of Horror is heavily influenced by Frankenstein and his grotesque creation. Most people are familiar with the green zombie-like creature, and Mary Shelley’s famous story has been referenced dozens of times in multiple media outlets.

In The simpsons’ interpretation, Mr. Burns searches for a human brain to bring his robotic invention to life. The spirit they find belongs to Homer; therefore, the realistic contraption defies instructions and craves donuts and sleep. The story is remembered as one of Mr. Burns’ best episodes, as it is perfect for the role of the unorthodox scientist. Shelley’s novel was also the main inspiration for the Treehouse of Horror XIV segment, “Frinkenstein”, where Professor Frink reanimates his father’s frozen corpse.

3/10 ‘Bart Simpson’s Dracula’ is an Iconic Halloween Special

Bart Simpson hosts the Treehouse Of Horror IV episode, and the final segment is an evil vampiric tale. When local murder victims are said to have been drained of blood and show two teeth marks on their necks, Mr. Burns invites the titular family to a midnight dinner at his Pennsylvania country home.

Lisa is the only character suspicious of Burns’ behavior, and she later determines that he is the head vampire and must be killed. The Gothic segment is a parody of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, one of the most famous horror stories in the world. It made sense to The simpsons to create their own version of the creepy classic, which has become an icon Television Halloween Special Episode.

2/10 “Nightmare on Evergreen Terrace” is an unforgettable parody

When Groundskeeper Willie mysteriously disappears, Marge reveals that he caught fire and burned to death during a PTA meeting. Because no one offered to help him, Willie swore revenge and exclaimed “you will pay for it with the blood of your children.The students at Springfield Elementary then realize that Willie is terrorizing them in their dreams.

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After trying to stay awake, Bart ends up taking a nap to confront the clawed murderer in a deadly figment of his imagination. Lisa also falls asleep and becomes engrossed in the same dream, but the two end up in the clutches of Willie, who takes the form of a giant spider with a body made of bagpipes. Freddy Kruger is a huge horror icon and Willie’s portrayal in The simpsons is an unforgettable parody.

1/10 ‘The Shining’ is the most iconic horror parody of The Simpsons

The first tale of Treehouse Of Horror V is simply called “The Shining” and The simpsons’ the creators make no effort to hide the fact that it is based on one of Stephen King’s scariest novels, also called the brilliant. However, the characters comically pronounce it differently when it is revealed that Bart can read people’s minds. The segment begins to take shape and resembles the famous horror story when the animated family arrives at Burns’ mansion to work as winter watchmen.

With some encouragement from the household ghouls and a lack of television and beer, Homer is persuaded to kill his family. This is Treehouse Of Horror’s most iconic tale as it parodies one of King’s best film adaptations. The movie was also directed by Stanley Kubrick and nicely compiled the two horror icons into one memorable Simpsonized story.

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