The 15 Best Porcelain Birthday Gifts of 2022

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Every year you’ve been with your partner is worth celebrating, but reaching the milestone of 18 is a particularly exciting milestone. Not only does this mean you’re approaching two full decades together as a married couple, but the traditional 18th anniversary gift is china, signifying the strong and unwavering nature of a lasting relationship.

As such, porcelain anniversary gifts are meant to evoke “longevity” and “durability,” according to porcelain gift expert Alicia Gonzalez. Due to the strength of the material, porcelain gifts “can be passed down from generation to generation,” she adds, and are “timeless reminders of love.”

Meet the expert

Alicia Gonzalez is the communications and branding manager for luxury artisan porcelain store LLadro.

From stunning artwork to eye-catching jewelry, there are so many options to choose from if you want to celebrate 18 together. And if you want to move away from the traditional gifts associated with each anniversary year, porcelain pieces are also excellent gifts for other events. It symbolizes the strength of your marriage and all the happy years ahead.

Read on for the best porcelain birthday gifts.

What to Look for in a Porcelain Anniversary Gift

With porcelain gifts, it’s really about you and your partner’s taste in design, because the options for what you can buy are truly endless. If you are art lovers, you might want to focus on statues and figurines, while jewelry lovers might focus on porcelain pendants and earrings. “With such a variety of designs, there are many pieces that can make the perfect gift,” Gonzalez says.


  • “The most traditional gifts are artwork depicting couples,” Gonzalez says, such as statues showing two people leaning against each other, or two swans making a heart shape with their necks. Porcelain jewelry is another popular choice, she adds, whether it’s a pair of dangling earrings or a delicate necklace.

  • “Porcelain is very easy to maintain because most of the creations made with this material can be cleaned with soap and water,” Gonzalez explains, adding that porcelain items “with flowers or decorated with metallic colors require cleaning. softer”.

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